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Daily Crafting Deals


Design products like t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, mugs and mouse pads with your baskets on them. Copyright © Susi Nuss



Basketry Supplies: Tools

Find whatever you need for your basketry projects, a pyroengraving tool, signature branding iron, froe, drawknife, shavehorse, awl, knife, rapping iron, brake, bodkin, grease horn, screw block, skeining cleave, reed cutter, rental mold, weaving stand, or other basketmaking tools. I can recommend these tools because I use many of them myself. They are selected from a variety of suppliers and all orders are fulfilled by those individual suppliers. - Online Art Supplies- Lineco Bone Folders Bone Folders
These polished bone folders, originally designed for bookbinding tasks have been adopted by basketmakers to use as a tool to open spaces when turning down spokes to tuck them in securely and for any number of other simple tasks.
4'' Solid Brass Caliper 4'' Solid Brass Caliper
Tuck this small size brass caliper from into your basket tool box or your apron pocket so you can have it handy in your studio or at basket class. It features a sliding dovetail and rigid brass construction. 4"/100mm rule with vernier scale. Graduated in 1/16" and mm. This tool is great for mapping out handles and measuring spoke or rim widths.
Bucket Boss 56 Organizer
Tote all your favorite tools with you to basket class and keep them all organized at the same time.
Bucket Boss tool organizer
Cordless Dremel Tool
Use this cordless drill when you are working on your Nantucket Lightship baskets or drilling gourds.

Draw Knives
A constantly changing selection of old, new, used, antique and vintage drawknives. A draw knife and shave horse are useful for carving basket handles, feet, rims and other details.

Dremel Variable Speed MultiPro Rotary Tool
Variable speeds offer more precision for a greater range of applications. Comfort grip housing for better control. Quick-change collet nut makes changing bits easy.
Electric Branding Irons
Your choice of a signature logo, two line "handcrafted by" or three line customized electric branding iron as well as a non-electric branding iron and storage case. 
More Branding Irons from
Customized Electric Branding Iron Gift Set (Mail-In Offer)

EZ BOB Plastic Bobbins
Keep your cords, threads and wires from tangling while you work with these bobbins that will remind you of the way we curled our hair with spoolies in the 1950's. Great for Kumihimo, braiding and wire  basketry projects.

Dremel 7700 MultiPro Cordless Tool Kit
Small, light weight and portable. Use this tool to perform those fine drilling procedures like those in Nantucket Lightship baskets.
Lenk Creative 5 - In - 1 Tool Kit
Kit includes a professional 30-watt tool with 6 foot cord complete with four woodburning or leather craft points, three soldering tips, two cutting/fusing tips, 50 feet of rosin core solder and instruction sheet all safely tucked into a fitted plastic storage case.
Felco Original Pruner F2
Felco pruners are the standard by which all other pruners are measured. This tool is very helpful in willow basketry or other instances where a high quality pruner is required.
Felco Original Pruner F2

Fraser 500-1 Rug Strip Cutter
This is my favorite tool for cutting fabric strips and cutting lightweight woodsplint or inner bark strips to width as well.

Handeze Therapeutic Craft Glove
Soothe arthritis and carpal tunnel pain with these therapeutic craft gloves. Therapeutic Support Gloves are doctor recommended and user proven to reduce pain from the fingers, hands and wrist while performing continuous or repetitive motion activities such as coiling or  basket weaving.

Kumihimo Bobbins
Plastic bobbins like EZ Bob Bobbins that snap shut are great to wind wire or waxed linen thread onto to hold long lengths of materials when twining. Also great for embroidery and  Kumihimo braiding.

Lineco Bone Paper Folders and Scorer
Originally designed for use in the bookmaking arts, the bone folder is often used as an awl or packing tool in basketry.

Signature Branding Irons
Customize your baskets with your unique signature using this woodburning tool from Rockler Woodworking. Create a custom electrical woodburning signature branding tool so you can sign your baskets in style. Online Specials Page 
Sales and discounted prices on abrasives, glues, finishes, hand, power, turning and burning tools along with many other woodworking supplies.

OTT-LITE® TrueColor(TM) Original 18W Grey Floor
This floor lamp has a special lamp head that swivels 180º, and the FlexNeck helps you focus light where it's needed to match colors and see the details of your weaving.

5 in 1 Woodburning Tool Kit
Woodburning tool with a selection of tips all in a tidy carrying case. Use this tool to sign your baskets or to decorate your gourds. I use this tool each time I sign a basket.
Fiskars Softouch Micro-Tip Pruning Snip
These shears are great for cutting your basket materials. They have precise Micro-Tip stainless steel blades, cushioned grip handles and an ambidextrous lock. I keep mine right at hand. They are a good choice for many basketry projects. Caution: the points are very sharp.

Fiskars 7" Softouch Scissors
Spring loaded handles, micro-tip stainless steel extra sharp blades in a slightly larger size.

Metcalfe Roush - Hand Forged Basketmakers Tools
Basket hooks, handles, hand tools, wrapping irons, froes and spoke weights for basketry are hand forged by Elmer Roush of Brasstown, NC.

Micro-Mesh™ Cushioned AbrasivesMicro-Mesh™ Cushioned Abrasives
Put the smoothest possible finish on your projects with ultra fine grit cushioned abrasives. Available in 5" disk assortment pack with hook-and-loop design and 3" x 4" soft-touch pads...
Micro-Mesh™ Sanding Sheets
These sanding sheets are my all time favorite tool for making handles and rims silky smooth. The grit is super fine and the sheets rinse out so they last a long time.
Micro-Mesh Cushioned Abrasives

Micro-Mesh Cushioned Abrasives
Washable and reusable abrasives are great for sanding basket handles and rims. Unique cushioning design results in extended abrasive life, the best surface finish possible and fewer steps. Conforms to the shape while providing even pressure against the surface. These 2'' x 2'' Soft-Touch Micro-mesh pads are one of my favorite basketmaking tools.

Micro-Mesh Abrasive Pads
Peachtree Woodworking Supply Inc is another source for these washable and reusable ultra fine abrasives. Using them will give your handles an extra smooth finish.
Wall Lenk Corp Woodburner Kits
Hobbyist model features 900° point temperature. 23-watts, includes 3 points. Faster burning model features 1050° point temperature. Burns wood faster and darker. Excellent for harder woods. Includes four custom points: all-purpose, grading, script and dot.
Mini Chuck And Wire Drills at Mini Chuck and Wire Gauge Drills
Use this chuck and tiny drills when you are pre-drilling the holes you need as you apply the rim to a Nantucket Lightship basket or other basket rim that is applied using brass escutcheon pins. The 20 Piece Wire Gauge Size Drill Set includes size No. 61 (.039") to No. 80 (.0135") with an indexed metal case. The Mini Drill Chuck secures drill bits that are too small for a regular chuck. Two changeable steel collets hold drills from #80 (.0135") to #43 (.089"). The chuck's 3/32" diameter, 1-1/4" long shaft fits all portable and most stationary electric drills, drill presses or flexible shaft tools. Each is sold separately by Woodcraft.
Rockler Ellipse/Circle Router Jig Rockler Ellipse/Circle Router Jig
Now you can easily create perfect circles, ellipses and sweeping arcs! With your router and this handy, easy-to-use jig, you will be able to make solid wood lids and bases for your round and elliptical baskets. Visit to view the demonstration video.

Signature Branding Irons
Customize your baskets with your unique signature. Create a custom electrical woodburning tool so you can sign your baskets in style. More Branding Irons.

Stainless Steel Push Pins
Dick Blick offers aluminum headed stainless steel push pins that you can use to apply your basket to a wooden mold while you are weaving. The stainless steel pins will prevent staining due to rust. I use a large hole punch to cut out round cushions from foam craft sheets that I spear onto the points to prevent dents or pressure marks on the splints of the basket base.

100 Stainless Steel Push Pins from Dick Blick
100 Stainless Steel Push Pins
from Dick Blick!

Basic arc Branding IronsBasic arc Branding Irons has rustled up some great new designs for their popular line of branding irons. In torch heated and electric versions.

12-Piece Rubber Band Clamp Set

12-Piece Rubber Band Clamp Set
Ideal for clamping small projects or using to contain spokes when weaving a basket on a mold. Extra thick and extra wide to provide more clamping pressure over a larger area. Set includes two 15", two 13", four 9" and four 7" x 3/4" wide. From Woodworking and Hardware.

Country Workshop Froes
Used for riving logs for handles and rims, this froe is made with a mild steel blade with a round ferule welded to it. Available handled or unhandled.

From Country Workshops online tool catalog comes a drawknife made by Swedish tool maker Hans Karlsson.

Drawknives at

Proxxon Hand Tools
Hot tools, scraping tools, drills, cutters, miniature jig saw and a variety of other tools for gourd crafting from Proxxon.

FELCO F-2 HAND PRUNER Most Popular Pro Hand Pruner
Unbeatable Sale offers the high quality pruning shears willow basketmakers depend on with a ratcheting mechanism to cut even those larger withes. A leather Felco Belt Pruner Holster from will complement them all. Both vendors offer many Felco pruners.

Pyroengraving Tools
Rockler offers a wide selection of pyroengraving and carving tools to use when carving or woodburning gourds for basketry.

Saw and Mini-Miter Box Set -
Use this small scale saw and miter box to accurately cut the rim notch in your carved basket handles.

Shavehorse Plans
From Country Workshops, free plans for a shaving horse. You may also choose to purchase plans or a finished shaving mule from them.

Willow Working Tools
Shears, knives, rapping irons, brakes, bodkins, grease horn, screw block, skeining cleaves and other willow basketry tools from English Basketry Willows.

More Tools For Your Basketmaking
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