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Daily Crafting Deals


Design products like t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, mugs and mouse pads with your baskets on them. Copyright  Susi Nuss

Basketry Supplies: Kits

Kits for a variety of basketry types including commercial basic reed basket kits with step-by-step, fully illustrated instructions for beginner to intermediate weavers, Nantucket Lightship Basket purses, Western Red Cedar basket kits, waxed linen and willow basketry kits.

Acorn Naturalist Basket Kits
Search on "basket kit" to find natural materials basketweaving kits such as a traditional pine needle basket kit, Pomo Indian style canoe basket kit, and a Native American coiled basket kit.

Ash Tree Stars Kit
Alice Ogden offers kits to make your own ash splint star ornaments for your Christmas tree.

Basket Kits from GH Productions
Kits to make an apple basket, an ornament basket and a 6" round Nantucket Lightship basket.

Basketry Kits
Find an ever changing variety of basketweaving kits on eBay at bargain prices.

Basketry Kits for Beginners
Simple crafts kits to teach basket weaving concepts to children and others just beginning to learn basketmaking and basic weaving. Group kits available for scouts, Sunday school supplies, Christian Bible Education workshops, camp arts and crafts, therapy groups and more.

Cedar Bark Basket Kit Little Brown Jug Kit by Judy Zugish
Little Brown Jug Kit (approx. 6" diameter). Strips of Western Red Cedar, strands of Alaskan Yellow Cedar, color elements of dyed bark - all these combine to create a charming basket

Child's Little Feather Gourd Basket Kit
A coiled gourd basket kit that would be great for kids or beginners by Ruth Andre of Wild Pony Baskets. 

Classic Nantucket Lightship Purse
Everything you need to make your own Nantucket heirloom is in this Classic 8" Oval Purse Kit, including instructions.

Coiled Pine Needle Basketry Kit
Search for coiled pine needle basket kits from a constantly changing selection available at auction on eBay.

Coiled Raffia Basket Kit
Allen's Basketworks offers this coiled raffia basket kit that will teach you the Lazy Squaw stitch.

Easy Basket Kits
JB-Designs offers an exclusive selection of kits for all levels of experience. Check out the specials from their eBay store.

Eric Taylor Basketmaking Kits
Each kit comes complete with hand pounded black ash weaving materials, pre-bent cherry handles and rims, cherry base, hardware and instructions. Molds are available. - Online Art Supplies

Kid's Basketry Kits
JB-Designs offers a Kid's Kit or a Camp Kit with materials and instruction for a simple 4" round basket for an introduction to basket making available from their eBay store.

KMC Baskets and Folkart - Reed Basket Kits
Commercial basic reed basket kits for beginner to intermediate weavers.

Knotless Netting Gourd Kits by Angie Wagner
Kits for a knotless netted necklace and small gourd basket

Magic Cabin Pine Needle Ornament Kits
Make your own natural Christmas tree ornaments with this coiled pine needle basketry kit.

Nantucket Basket Kits From D.E.L.S.
David Brown offers a large variety of Nantucket Lightship basket kits.

Naturals Basketry Kits From Gratiot Lake Basketry
Select from several natural materials basketweaving kits, including an Alaskan Birch Bark Basket Kit, Elbow Necklace in Black Ash, Twill Baby - Wearable Ash Splint Pouch Basket Kits by Patti Hawkins, a White Oak Fruit Basket Kit by Bob Coker and an Ash Splint Business Card Basket by Ann Gilbert, among others.

Naturals Necklace Kits
Black ash twill wearable pouches by Patti Hawkins.

Patterns and Kits by Bonnie Gale
Make a Willow Baby Rattle or a Willow Lunch Basket like the one featured in Early American Life Magazine, October, 1992 from these kits.

Patterns and other components for Ash Baskets by JoAnn Kelly Catsos
Find kits, patterns, molds, rims, handles and other components for a variety of ash woodsplint baskets.

Pine Needle Basketry Kit
The Caning Shop offers this kit from Stoney Ridge. This sampler kit will teach you the split stitch (or "V" stitch), the wing stitch, the solid wrap and checkerboard stitches, the wheat stitch and the big wing Stitch. All the materials you need are included: 1/2 lb. long leaf pine needles, 6 oz. natural raffia, #18 tapestry needles, beeswax, a straw-gauge, and the instruction booklet.

Prim Pine Basketry Kits
Judy Mallow offers several coiled pine needle basketry kits.

Uncle Ciggie's Miniature Kits
Kits for doll house miniatures woven with fabric covered wire and waxed linen. Bassinets, plant stand, baskets, wicker dog bed, wicker furniture.

Waxed Linen Kits from The Caning Shop
Waxed linen basket kits done in coiled, twined or knotted technique in colored waxed linen.

Waxed Linen Basket Kits from Judy K. Wilson
Complete kits for baskets and trays include the waxed linen, beads and various threads you will need, along with complete instructions.

Welburn Gourd Farm Kits
A variety of gourd basketry kits and tutorials are available from Welburn Gourd Farm.

Wildwoods Craft Kits
Company in Mariposa, California, specializing in coiled pine needle baskets as well as coiled basket kits and supplies to make pineneedle picture frames, Christmas tree ornaments, coiled raffia baskets and a raffia hat.

Willow Basketry Kits (UK)
Several willow basketry kits available in the UK.

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