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Daily Crafting Deals


Design products like t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, mugs and mouse pads with your baskets on them. Copyright © Susi Nuss



Basketry Supplies: Embellishments

Accents to add to your baskets such as semi-precious beads, feathers, antlers, carved stone or shell animals, bells, coins or other items.

Twig Beads
Make wooden twig beads from the branches of the trees in your yard to use as embellishments for your baskets. Make a garland or necklace for your next nature craft project.

Antique Chinese Coins
Genuine and reproduction Chinese coins which can be used as embellishments.

Baby Zuni Bears
These 10x12mm, 13x18mm and 18mm x 25mm feature bead cuties come in many semi-precious stone types.

Basket Buttons - KMC Baskets
Tiny versions of the ceramic tie-on Basket Buckles™. Daisy, pig, lady bug, cardinal, cat, house, candy corn, leaf, cow, pumpkin, Christmas tree and gingerbread man.
Vintage glass beads, seed beads, lampwork beads and more to use to embellish your baskets.

Bone and Stone Fetish Assortment
Selections of carved bone and stone fetishes for embellishing your baskets. Arrow, cat, bear, butterfly, dog, turtle, tusk, frog, dragon, fish, eagle, lion, alligator, and more. Polished Gemstones, Natural Rough, Gemstone Beads, Jewelry, Pendants, WHOLESALE Bulk Lots, Closeouts.

Carved Stone Fetish Beads
Zuni bears, birds, horses, butterflies and other bead embellishments carved from jasper, tiger eye, turquoise, lapis, aragonite, jade, agate and other stones that may be used to decorate your baskets.

Carved Bone Items
Feathers, claws, spirit faces and tusks hand made in India, carved from buffalo bone.

Claw, Antler and Hide Company
A source for hard to find items such as deer, elk and even moose antlers, feathers, porcupine quills, teeth and bones.

Concepts in Clay
Handcrafted pottery Basket Buckles® (pottery pieces that can be woven onto handmade baskets), as well as basket buttons, sleeves, bases, ceramic basket handles, Pottery Basket Bases, and Stoneware Bread Warming Tiles. Made in Maine, USA and offered at wholesale prices to retailers possessing a valid tax ID number. Individuals may contact them for a list of retail stores in their area.

Dentilium and Cowrie Shell Items
Drilled cowrie and dentalium shells to use as pendant drop embellishments for your baskets.

Gifts of Love Pottery
Sally Durkee of Wisconsin makes stoneware embellishments for basket weavers. Handles, reed and pine needle bases, bowls and tie on's. Wholesale and retail pricing available. Made in USA.

Miyuki Delicas®
Color chart for Delica® beads.

Mother of Pearl - Beadery Elements Flower Beads
Mother of pearl beads in a flower petal shape that you can use to embellish your baskets. From the "Elements" line of beads and components, Manufacturer: The Beadery.

Semi-precious Stone Carvings
All Seasons Company offers semi-precious stone carvings of fish, Zuni bears, butterflies, coins and other shapes for use as embellishments to decorate your baskets.

Stoneware Basket Ornaments
Gifts of Love Pottery offers stoneware basket handles, bases and basket tie-ons to embellish your baskets.

Stoneware Basket Tie-ons
Cheryl McKinsey of Basketworks makes these tie-on embellishments. She also offers ceramic tie-ons.

Stoneware Discs and Basket Buckles - Basket Tie Ons
East Troy Basketry offers a wide selection of ceramic basket embellishments in the form of stoneware discs and decorative ceramic buckles to personalize your baskets. You will find seasonal, holiday, patriotic, animal, floral and figural variations.

Tin Cones
These small tin cones are used as jingles anywhere you want to dress up a piece of lacing.

Basketry Supplies Index
Sources for all your other basketry supply needs.

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