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Design products like t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, mugs and mouse pads with your baskets on them. Copyright © Susi Nuss



Basketmaking Supplies: Bases

This is where you can find the basket bases you need. Includes sources for round, oval, square and rectangular basket bases with drilled perimeters, slotted pine basket bases for sleighs, wagons, cradles, paper plate, napkin or condiment baskets, Cabin Boy, Grab and Go and other basketry base designs.

Atkinson Basket Bases
Enter "base" into the search engine on this page or jump to the basket bases section of their online catalog to purchase over 100 basketry bases including grooved, drilled and fretwork bases in pine, oak other hardwoods.

Bases To Weave
Candace Katz and Debbie Hurd have joined together to bring hand crafted wooden basket bases and quality hardwood components for baskets to basketmakers everywhere. Basketry bases are available in single slotted and double slotted styles in a variety of shapes including round, oval, rectangular, square, with and without attached handles. Also available, drilled plywood basket bases, handles, patterns (including a monthly free pattern) and other basket weaving supplies. Custom sizes are available.

Basket Bases by Rusty
Stock and custom bases for basketry are available in solid cabinet grade hardwoods like oak, cherry, walnut, maple, poplar and ash as well as several grades of plywood. Choose round, oval, square, rectangular or specialty shapes. - Premium Bases
Slotted or drilled, round, oval, rectangular, square, sleigh, sled, wagon, Christmas tree bases, heart divider handle, lid with knob and more.

Brick House Basket Supply
Weaving materials, wooden parts, bases and molds for basket weaving. Molds, bases, lids in stock or custom sizes. Wholesale and quantity discounts available.

Custom Oak Basket Bases And Lids
Basket bases and lids made to order in a variety of sizes and shapes. Slotted fretwork basketry bases, round oval, rectangular slotted pine basket bases, round drilled bases and slotted bases with attached handles from East Troy Basketry.

Drilled Wood Basket Bases
Round and oval fiberboard basket bases sanded smooth and drilled for #4 round reed from Dick Blick. Many other fiber craft supplies are available as well.

Feix Family Baskets and Crafts - Bases
Slotted wooden basket bases and handles, including sleigh, cradle, Victorian plant stand and wagon among many.
Jeff's Wood Shop located in Cedarburg, Wisconsin supplies stock and custom solid wood bases for baskets. You will find oval basketry bases, rectangular basket bases, semi-oval basket bases, round basket bases, square basket bases, baby cradle basket bases, winter sleigh bases, wood lids for baskets, basket base dividers, Cabin Boy and Cabin Girl basket bases, organizer caddy bases, basket feet, double slotted basket bases, drilled basket bases and keyhole bases for baskets in a variety of wood types like oak, aspen, cherry and pine in unfinished and pre-finished.

Fabianís Woodcrafts (original link is dead but you can see some content in the Internet Way Back Machine)
A woodworking business based in Oklahoma, provides wood products for basket weavers. Fabianís specializes in producing quality hardwood basket bases, divider bases, fret bases, handles and lids. Round and oval fretwork basket bases, inlaid hardwood bases for basketweaving, Lazy Susan and Cabin Boy basket bases with dividers and other specialty basketry bases are available. They also offer basket molds, rim molds, rims, lids, weaving stands, turned pedestal bases and other basket weaving component parts in pine and hardwoods such as cherry or black walnut. They will work with weavers on custom projects.

His and Her Crafts - Drilled Wooden Bases for Pine Needle Baskets
Pine Needle Basket Bottoms that are pre-drilled, sanded and ready for coiling for your Pine Needle Basket projects. Available in woods such as Arariba (Canary wood), Bubinga, Jatoba (Courbaril), Mahogany, Maple, Myrtlewood, Oak, Padauk, Purple Heart, Teak, Walnut, Wenge and Zebra wood.

Nadine's Basket Supplies
Gourd and pine needle basketry supplies including Crawford brand waxed linen threads, cabochons, stone doughnuts, walnut slices and coiled basket centers, sweetgrass, along with an instructional DVD - Basketweaving Essentials with Nadine Spier.

Nantucket Lightship Basket Bases
Turned and slotted hardwood basket bases for use in making Nantucket Lightship Baskets.

NEK Basket Supply
Created by purchase of The Daisie Corporation of Chesterton, Indiana. NEK Basket Supply will manufacture wire hangers and wire handles using the same patterns as used by The Daisie Corporation. Wooden bases and wooden feet will also be manufactured at the NEK Basket Supply facility. They carry a full line of basket making materials to satisfy your entire basketmaking needs. Operations have moved from Chesterton, Indiana to East Burke, Vermont.

Pine Needle Basket Bottoms
Drilled oval and round basket bottoms for pine needle and other coiled basket weaving that are hand cut from fine birch plywood in designs including cats, dogs, sea life, birds, etc.

Pottery Starts for Coiled Baskets
Pamela Zimmerman offers ceramic basket bases in a wide range of designs, patterns and kits for basketmaking, supplies for coiled basketry such as threads and tools like her needle grabbers along with basket charms and tie-ons.

Slotted basket bases and lids made with void free Baltic Birch wood. Wide range of stock shapes and sizes. Custom orders accepted.

Solid Wood Fretwork Basket Bases And Handles
O'brian Trawick of O'brian's Fretwork in Spartanburg, SC makes solid wood basket bases and handles with geometric or figural fretwork designs cut into them.

Wooden Basket Bases And Wooden Basketweaving Accessories
The Country Seat of Kempton, PA offers basket feet, drilled bases, slotted bases & dividers, slotted shapes (buckles), wagon & sleighs and wooden basket lids.

Wooden Slotted Basket Bases
Round, oval, square, hexagon, double slotted, lazy Susan, Cabin Boy, pie, casserole and other slotted wooden basket bases. Dividers, liners, lids and other wood basket accessories from Willowe's Basketry.

Basketry Supplies Index
Sources for all your other basketry and basketmaking supply needs.

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