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Summertime - The Weaving Is Free And Easy 
Free basket patterns with summer themes  
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What's growing in your basketry garden?

"Plants like water iris and daylily have very long leaves that are useful. Wisteria is a great one and grows very fast. Older wisteria has gnarly and twisted thick vines as do grape vine and kiwi which have to be cut back every year. There is also a plant called basket willow. "

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The days are getting longer, the kids are out of school, the cool water of the lake or pool beckons us to relax. It is a good time to weave a project or two alone, with a family member, or with a basketweaving friend.

To celebrate the 4th of July, make this picnic basket with a decorative painted lid. While you are in the mood for decorating with patriotic colors, try this Stars and Stripes basket pattern offered or this Round Reed Americana basket by Sheri L. Van Duyn on the pattern exchange at Just Patterns.

Summer is a great time for picnics. If you are decorating a summer picnic table, you might like to try this free crafts project that will teach you to make a Star-Rimmed basket. It makes use of a purchased basket that you decorate or you could adapt the same idea to embellish a round basket you have woven yourself. You can carve a watermelon basket that will be both decorative and delicious, using the step-by-step instructions in this recipe from Fabulous Foods or learn by watching this video

You can weave your own picnic baskets using these free basket patterns. Deborah Blair offers a free red, white and blue market basket pattern. A red, white and blue napkin basket pattern by Debbie Hurd would be great for your 4th of July party. Another great item for your picnic table is this Divided Basket. It features compartments that you can fill with all the condiments and utensils you will need to carry out from the kitchen to your picnic table. This free basket pattern is authored by Norma Buelhman and hosted by Laurie's Country Crafts.

You can keep your kids busy while you are packing that picnic basket or setting the picnic table. Print out this coloring book page of a picnic basket provided by Sherrie Osborn. Hand the kids some crayons and let them get creative. Craft students in Summer Camp would enjoy making a Black Ash Bookmark just like the Maine Indians. Instructions are given for making the traditional first project out of easily found materials, but will work up nicely in ash splint and sweetgrass as well. Teach beginners, young eco pioneers or children in summer school or bible vacation school basic basketweaving skills with recycled / repurposed / reclaimed materials by making a green crafted woven newspaper sit-upon. Another free basketry project pattern by Susi Nuss.

All you fiber crafters out there can dust off the sewing machine and stitch this picnic basket quilt block into a table topper or picnic table cloth using this free quilting pattern from or stitch an appliquéd fabric picnic basket liner.

In addition to your picnic, you can add a touch of basketry to your garden. Make a 7'- 8' Bentwood Garden Trellis of freshly cut, green, flexible wood with FREE instructions from Jim Long or the Christian Science Monitor. You could also make a woven willow obelisk or twig plant support tower with instructions from the BBC or Better Homes and Gardens. This coiled bee skep from L. Ludes (scroll down to page 5) makes use of straw or wild grasses that you can gather and stitch yourself. It would make a lovely accent to your garden. You can also use long willow whips to create a simple living willow garden sculpture with these free step-by-step instructions about How to Make a Willow Wigwam from Simply Willow. Here is another full page of resources filled with free basket patterns and more about using native natural materials.

Use your basket weaving skills to make a fragrant lavender wand from the flowers harvested from your own garden or use a gourd, some pine needles and your basketry skills to create a Gourd Birdhouse Project with a twined pine needle thatched roof. Two illustrated free basketweaving patterns right here on Or use rushes to plait diagonally woven lidded boxes or woven and twined placemats.

To decorate your deck or screen house, you can make a twig chair with willow branches or other materials you have harvested yourself. To keep everything tidy, make a broom the old fashioned way with these instructions from a broom maker from Historic Cold Spring Village. Once your chair is made and the deck is swept, gather some pine needles and make a coiled basket using this free tutorial.

Summer is way too fleeting. Make the best of it by picking out a project and get down to weaving!

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