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Daily Crafting Deals


Design products like t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, mugs and mouse pads with your baskets on them. Copyright  Susi Nuss



Hobby, Arts & Craft and Basket Magazines

Craft, Hobby and basketry magazines or issues of magazines that have basketmaking or crafts business articles.

American Craft
Artist profiles, exhibition reviews, "Craft World" news roundup, reviews in "Books," a pictorial "Gallery" of exhibitions, short reviews of solo shows in "Focus," a "Portfolio" of rising talent, nationwide "Calendar" and news about the American Craft Council are part of every issue. Back issues available.

American Indian Art MagazineAmerican Indian Art Magazine
Features American Indian painting, beadwork, carving, textiles, basketry, ceramics, jewelry, book and exhibition reviews, museum and gallery announcements. Four issues each year.

American Style is a quarterly arts lifestyle publication that focuses on the best of what is happening in the art scene. Covers museum exhibitions and events, gallery shows, arts tours, craft fairs, art festivals and studio tours.

Arts & Crafts Magazines
Wide selection of Arts and Crafts Magazines.

Basket Bits
Basket Bits Magazine is a quarterly subscription publication catering to the basket maker. Guild and convention information, articles, advertisers and patterns. Published by Sandy Heried. Back issues available.

British bi-monthly magazine to cover all craft forms.

The Crafts Report magazine cover Crafts Report Magazine
Fiber art and basketry frequently featured. The Crafts Report provides how-to-articles on all facets of crafts business management and related topics; relevant industry news, as well as information on current issues and trends for the beginning and the established professional craftsperson.


Contemporary fiber arts trends are explored, a competition and show listing is included and cover profiles of individual artists are featured.

Just Patterns
Just Patterns magazine is published by Sheri l. Van Duyn quarterly. Every issue contains four or more basket patterns.

NICHE Magazine
This craft industry magazine is published quarterly and directed at galleries, museums and specialty shops. Features include artist profiles and up-to-date information on industry trends, retail resources and a classified section. Emerging and established artists use it to promote their work.

Shuttle Spindle and Dyepot
Handweavers Guild of America quarterly journal featuring a broad spectrum of articles about the fiber arts. Back issues are available.

Textile Fibre Forum
The Australian Forum for Textile Arts, Ltd (TAFTA) publishes this fibre arts magazine.

Fiber arts, including basketry is covered in this bi-monthly magazine from Taunton Press.

Subscribe to or renew your favorite magazine.


Wicker Basketry by Flo Hoppe
Basketry Books



Splint Baskets

Pine Needle

Native American

Native American

Primitive Baskets

Basketry Books

Gourd Basket Supplies



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