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Basket Weaving eBooks eTexts and Free Downloads

Online articles, books, ephemera, illustrations, manuscripts, monographs, patents, periodicals, webdocs, bibliographies, newsletters  and other historic etexts of interest to basketmakers. Don't pay the Internet Auction opportunists for a CD or .pdf download of a historic, old or out of print publication about baskets, basketry or basket weaving, when the good folks at the Internet Archive, On-Line Digital Archive of Weaving Documents, Ethnomathematics Digital Library, Google Book Search and others have arranged to provide it for free. Spread the word about this page of resources so that you and other basket weavers aren't taken advantage of.


eBooks About Basketry, Basket Weaving, Basketmaking - Internet Archive
You can read and search the baskets, basketry or basket weaving texts online or download a copy for your individual use. If you value what they do, make a donation to the cause or contribute a publication or text you own.

Digital Archive of Documents Related to Basketry
An extensive collection of articles, eBooks, ephemera, illustrations, manuscripts, monographs, patents, periodicals, webdocs and other etexts of interest to basketmakers. Assembled by Ralph Griswold and Tess Parrish at the University of Arizona. They also make copies available on CD for a fee.

Ethnomathematics Digital Library 

Basketry eBooks on Google Book Search

Basket Making eBooks on Google Book Search

Basketweaving eBooks on Google Book Search
Free eBooks to download to your eReader. Digital Archive
Digital archive on weaving, textiles, lace, and related topics including basketry organized by Ralph Griswold and Kris Bruland. Includes many public domain copies of basketmaking publications and a large collection of weaving tie-up drafts.

Internet Archive

Individual Titles:
(more individual titles will be added as time allows as an aid in locating the host repository)

The Art Crafts for Beginners
By Frank Goodwin Sanford
In Chapter VIII of this book made available for free at Google Book Search you will find basketry patterns for novices. You can make 10 baskets including A Reed Mat, Small Reed Basket, A Basket With Triple Twist, A Coiled Basket, Lazy-Squaw Weave, Sewed Basket, Samoan Weave, Plant-Basket, Work-Basket Of Green Reed, Fruit Basket Of Cattail Leaves and Raffia Basket In Bam-Tush Weave.

Handicraft for girls
A tentative course in needlework, basketry, designing, paper and cardboard construction, textile fibers and fabrics and home decoration and care, designed for use in schools and homes. This book of needlework and hand skills with a chapter on basketry is in the public domain. Available in many formats including a page by page read online as well as pdf, Kindle and other e-reader versions from Explains the general directions for making a coiled basket including shaping the round basket, the oval basket, splicing, the Navajo stitch (figure eight), the Lazy Squaw stitch, the Mariposa stitch (knotted) and the Samoan stitch (lace effect).

The Handicraft Book
By Anne Lowden Jessup, Annie Elizabeth Logue. Includes basic instruction on raffia crafting, knotting, looping, basketry and chair caning.
Single, Double & Triple Knots
Single Knot Mesh
Chain Stitch
Loop Stitch
Corkscrew Bar
Double Loop Stitch
See-Saw Knot
Spiral Chain
Twine Bag
Shopping Bag
Square Picture Frame
Napkin Ring
Round Picture Frame
Sailor Knot
Bow Knot
Flat or Reef Knot
Fisherman's Knot
Bowline Knot
Weaver's Knot
Square Knot
Military Knot
Bannister Bar
Bag Made Of Solomon's Knots
Round & Square Boxes
Woven Bag
Mat Of Circular Weaving
Braided Mat
Braided Raffia Basket
Braided Raffia Hat
Flat Reed Basket
Reed Mat
Coiled Basket
Round Reed Basket
Indian Basket
Rug Weaving
Chair Caning

Practical Projects for the Handy Man
By Popular Mechanics Press, Popular Mechanics Press
"There are but few households that do not have at least one or two chairs without a seat or back. The same households may have someone who would enjoy recaning the chairs if he only knew how to do it, and also make considerable pin money by repairing chairs for the neighbors.

If the following directions are carried out, new cane seats and backs can easily be put in chairs where they are broken or sagged to an uncomfortable position."

Practical Basketry by Anna Gill
First published in 1916, this basic basketry book is available for a free download from Google Book Search. Don't bother paying an auction opportunist or eBook marketer for this basketmaking book. Chapter I - Equipment, Materials, Tools
Chapter II - The First Lesson, Weaves
Chapter III - Weaving Begun - Mats, Borders, Small Baskets (Models 1-9)
Chapter IV - Separate Bottom Baskets (Models 9-16)
Chapter V - Handles And Lids (Models 17-22)
Chapter VI - Hanging Baskets (Models 23-28)
Chapter VII - Flower Receptacles (Models 29-34)
Chapter VIII - Oval Baskets (Models 35-41)
Chapter IX - Trays (Models 42-46)
Chapter X - Fruit Basket Trays (Models 47-54)
Chapter XI - Scrap Baskets (Models 55-60)
Chapter XII - Utility Baskets (Models 61-71)
Chapter XIII - A Few Words On Dyeing

McAfee, Mary Jane, b. 1840 - The Pine-needle Basket Book (1911)
Also available from Google Book Search. Often offered on eBay described as Native Indian style Coiled basketry basket instructions.

The Basket, or, The Journal of the Basket Fraternity or Lovers of Indian Baskets and Other Good Things
By James, George Wharton. Pasadena: Basket Fraternity, Vol. 2, January 1904.

Rattan Machinery
Knight's American Mechanical Dictionary, 1876 describes and illustrates the machinery used to process rattan for import into America from Singapore for use in basket weaving in the late 19th century.

Knapp, Elizabeth Sanborn. Raphia and Reed Weaving, Milton Bradley, (1901)

Baskets in Polynesia by Wendy Arbeit - Etext Baskets in Polynesia
This book by Wendy Arbeit has been reproduced with permission from the publisher in ebook format as part of the resources assembled by The book includes plaited basketry techniques from the South Pacific. Diagrams for the Chinese knot (page 110), French braid and many types of twill plaiting are included. The ebook is in .pdf format and you will need an adobe reader to view it.
Mary Miles Blanchard - The Basketry Book, Scribner's Sons, 1914 - free basketry ebook Blanchard, Mary Miles. The Basketry Book, Scribner's Sons, 1914
Includes basic lessons in weaving with round reed and twelve illustrated projects. Often offered on eBay as 12 lessons in reed weaving. 1914.

Also available on Google Book Search


Bird, Adrian J. The craft of Hawaiian lauhala weaving (1982)
Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press. 154 pgs. Includes chapters on the Hala Tree, selection and preparation of Lauhala, the Nihoniho Headband, the Straight-Edged Headband, Bracelets and Napkin Rings, Place Mats, a Lauhala Fan, Lauhala Baskets. Appendix: Hawaiian Terms Used in Lauhala Weaving. Selected Bibliography. 

Basket Willow Culture by George N. Lamb Basket Willow Culture
By George N. Lamb.
Google Book Search makes a free reprint of this classic article from a 1914 issue of Farmers' Bulletin 622, U.S. Dept. Agriculture, Washington, D.C., available. This publication discusses the various kinds of basket willows and the methods of growing them which have been found best as a result of experiments conducted at the forest service willow farm at Arlington, Va., and a study of private holts throughout the country. It also deals with the cost of establishment and maintenance of willow bolts and the opportunities for marketing the products.  Other publications about Basket Willow Culture.

Knapp, Elizabeth Sanborn. Raphia and reed Weaving, Milton Bradley, 1901

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