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Free Valentine's Day Basket Patterns

Free Holiday Basketry Pattern Sources net link list to help basketmakers find a free Valentine's Day basket pattern or other freebies for basketmakers.

Freebies For Basketmakers
An entire page of free catalogs, samples and freebies of interest to basketweavers.

Valentine's Day Paper Basket
Use your color printer to make this printable project. This simple paper basket can be an easy family craft project that you can fill with tiny gifts or goodies and use for a place marker at your Valentine dinner table.

A Woven Heart
A free pattern for a woven reed heart from The Basketmakers Catalog.

Basketweave Crochet Basket Free Pattern
Crochet this sweet little basket for your love on Valentine's Day. This pattern sheet shows the basket in butterscotch, but a red basket is pictured here.

Be My Valentine Woven Ribbon Card
Use a pin weaving technique to create a hand made card for your special Valentine. 

Buckle Up Basket - Free Pattern
By Deborah Blair on the Just Patterns site. A (6" x 8" x 9") flat reed basket with heart shaped wooden buckle and shaker tape accent. Make it for your Valentine.

Chocolate Lace Heart Basket
Free project sheet from Ladies Home Journal will teach you how to make a heart shaped basket out of chocolate.

Crocheted Valentine Baskets
Baskets can be made using 4-ply worsted weight yarn as Easter baskets or crochet one for your Valentine and fill it with plump crochet hearts that you can fill with candy. 

Friendship Basket - Free Pattern
Free instructions for a rectangular market basket for Easter or Valentine's Day with dyed accent and ceramic heart tie-on by Deborah Blair on the Just Patterns site.

Lacy Crochet Basket
Crochet your sweetheart a little white basket and trim it with a bright red ribbon to make a sweet table favor for your Valentine's Day party with this free holiday crafts project.

Light Up My Heart Basket Pattern
Weave a heart embellished basket lamp with this free basketry pattern Compliments Of: Suzanne Moore's NC Basket Works

Lollipop Basket
Free basketry pattern with instructions to weave a small round reed basket with a solid wood base. This pattern from Bases to Weave includes a red round reed accent strip and heart detail on the rim.

Love Letters
Weave a desktop basket for your Valentine that features dyed reed accents, little wooden ball feet, and a pretty painted wooden heart tied to the front of the basket. Print it before its gone.

Paper Heart Basket
Free step-by-step instructions to make a woven red and white paper heart basket ornament that can be filled with small treats to give to family and friends in lieu of a card this Valentine's Day.

Paper Woven Heart Basket
A free printable craft project for Valentine's Day. Print out and weave this small paper heart basket, then fill it with candy hearts for your sweetie.

Printable Valentine Basket Craft
Print out and assemble this sweet little paper basket embellished with a lacey heart with this illustrated tutorial and template. Matching gift tags are included.

Reversible Tapestry Crochet Basket
Carol Ventura offers this free pattern for a basket decorated with hearts and made using a tapestry crochet technique. Carol's books Tapestry Crochet, More Tapestry Crochet and Beaded and Felted Tapestry Crochet will help you learn this technique if you desire more instruction than what is offered in the project sheet.

Spun Sugar Free Crochet Basket Pattern
Crochet a white basket for your Valentine to fill with chocolates with this free vintage crochet basket pattern from Crochet Memories.

Sweet Heart Rose Basket
A free pattern from for decorating a white heart shaped basket with a white doily, dried hydrangea and pink rosebuds.

Valentine Kisses
Free basket pattern by Debbie Hurd uses natural and red flat oval and flat reed to weave a small oval basket with a solid wood base that would be just the right size to fill with chocolate kisses. It will make a great gift for your sweetheart on Valentines Day. 

Woven Paper Heart
Weave a paper heart and decorate it with a stamped design. A free basket making pattern from Rubber Stamp Arts.

Woven Paper Heart
A free Valentines craft project sheet from Family Fun will teach you how to weave a heart from colored paper.

Woven Paper Heart Basket for Christmas or Valentines Day
This page demonstrates how to weave Danish paper heart baskets. It offers various suggestions for more complex weave patterns including stars, hearts in hearts, curves, flags, angels, candles and more.

Woven Reed Heart Basket Tutorial
Step by step instructions in this free illustrated pattern from Wool's Happenin' for a puffy woven reed heart.

Free Basket Patterns Indexndex
This is where you can find more free basketry patterns, including patterns for other holidays, dreamcatchers, projects and other freebies for basketmakers.


Valentines Day Fun
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