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Free Basketmaking Patterns - Reed

Free Basketry Pattern Sources net link list to help basketmakers find free reed basketmaking patterns.

Freebies For Basketmakers
An entire page featuring where you can find free catalogs, samples and freebies of interest to basketweavers.

Make A Round Reed Base Or Table Mat
The Basket Base Table Mat is an old pattern that first appeared in George Wharton James' classic book from the turn of the century, Practical Basket Making. It can be used by itself or the technique can be used to make a round basket base for many other round work basketry styles.

Lily Basket
The Vintage Files - An Antique Basketmaking Pattern For A Round Reed Double Walled Lily Basket. An old pattern that first appeared in George Wharton James' classic book from the turn of the century, Practical Basket Making.

4th of July Basket
Red, white and blue, flat and flat/oval reed basket in a flag motif.

Apple Basket - Free Basket Pattern
Tracy Welch of BasketWerks offers a free basket pattern for a 4" ribbed basket with dyed reed resembling an apple. Could be altered easily to look like a pumpkin. Pattern changes periodically.

Bases To Weave - Free Basket Pattern of the Month
Candace Katz and Debbie Hurd have joined together to bring hand crafted wooden basket bases and quality hardwood components for baskets to basketmakers everywhere. They offer a monthly free basket weaving pattern on a rotating basis. Remember to print it out when you access it, or it might not be there when you return.

Baskets of Joy - Free Pattern
Maurine Joy changes the pattern offered periodically, so remember to print it out when you access it, or it might not be there when you return.

Basket 'N The Works - Free Pattern
Monica Impellizzeri of Baskets 'N The Works features a free basket pattern. This pattern changes periodically. Remember to print the file if you have interest in it.

Beginner Class Basket - Free Pattern
By Deborah Blair on the Just Patterns site. A (4" x 6" x 13") rectangular market basket on a D-handle with dyed weaver and curl accent.

Beginner Muffin Basket by Linda Clifton
A free basketry pattern for a basic reed cross-spoked round basket with dyed accent colors and a seagrass rim filler from The Country Seat.

Birdhouse Tissue Basket
Reed tissue box cover basket that uses an old metal license plate as a roof.  This free basket pattern by Laura Lee Zanger features a filled bottom.

Bird Nesting Pockets - Free Pattern
Weave small nest-like baskets to tuck into hedges or under eaves to offer wild birds shelter. This free pattern for woven bird nesting baskets is authored by Linda Hebert.

Biscuit Basket - Free Basketry Pattern
By The Woven Reed on the Just Patterns site. A (3" x 5") open reed basket with wrought iron heart shaped handles and stenciled apple design.

Buckle Up Basket - Free Pattern
By Deborah Blair on the Just Patterns site. A (6" x 8" x 9") flat reed basket with heart shaped wooden buckle and shaker tape accent.

Button Basket - Free Basketry Pattern
By Deborah Blair on the Just Patterns site. A small (4 1/2" long x 3 1/2" high x 2 3/4" deep) flat and round reed basket with color accent and decorative button.

Candy Cane Basket - Free Basket Pattern
Small reed basket designed to hold your candy canes or pencils.  Detailed with red and green dyed reed and star wire hanger. From G. H. Productions.

Carolina Candy Basket - Free Basket Weaving Pattern
This free basket pattern from Country Seat used flat reed to create a simple plain weave square to round candy basket.

Christmas Holly Basket - Free Basket Pattern
By Tony Rynicke on the Just Patterns site.  A (4" x 6" x 4") rectangular market basket in holiday colors, embellished with a bell.

Classic Round Basket - Free Basket Pattern
By Deborah Blair on the Just Patterns site. A spider bottomed round basket (10" diameter x 6" high) with a 10" oak round notched handle and color accent in the weavers.

Cracker Basket
Holds crackers for your holiday table or makes a good hostess gift. Flat open basket of flat, round and flat/oval reed with seagrass as a rim cover.

Country Keeper Basket - Free Pattern
Towel basket with stenciled insert by Kathern Smith of Ada K's Unlimited on the Just Patterns site.

Daffodil Bucket - Free Basket Pattern
Using a pottery daffodil from Union Station Studio this round basket of natural and dyed reed in a Spring floral theme is offered on the Just Patterns site.

Debra's Jelly Basket
Weave a flat reed oval basket that allows three small jelly jars to nestle inside. Uses a solid wood slotted base. Pattern by Kathern Smith of ADAK's Unlimited.

Fancy Feet - Free Pattern
Jackie Carlson has authored this free pattern which is hosted on Just Patterns. It is a round basket of flat reed with a slotted wooden base, three painted ball feet and dyed reed floral embellishment. 

Friendship Basket - Free Pattern
Rectangular Market basket with dyed accent and ceramic heart tie-on by Deborah Blair on the Just Patterns site.

Holiday Delight Basket - Free Pattern
This basket measures 3" x 4" x 5" including the handle. The base is plaited and the sides are woven in a chasing weave using #1 Round Reed. From G. H. Productions.

Holly Berry Basket
Jim and Diane Langston have authored this free pattern for a rectangular market basket with a solid wood base and attached handle. The basket is woven in flat oval reed with a wide ash strip painted with a holly berry design.

Irish Soda Bread Basket
Free pattern for a simple round basket with a Shamrock pottery tie on. Includes a recipe for the Irish Soda Bread to fill the basket.

Jessie's Button Basket
Round basket by Jessie Buehlmann with oak or pine lid available from Basket Class offered on the Just Patterns site.

Jordan's Waste Basket
Free basket pattern using natural and dyed flat reed by Rhonda Krula on the Country Seat site will teach you how to weave a waste basket with the look of plaid.

Large Round Serving Basket
Open bowl shaped basket of flat reed made using a solid wood base. Dyed weavers add color to the sides of the basket. A free basket pattern offered by BasketWerks.

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