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Free Basket Patterns - Native Naturals

Free Basketry Pattern Sources net link list to help basketmakers find a free basket pattern constructed from native natural materials.

Black Ash Cuff Bracelet
This feature article provides free instruction on how to weave a Black Ash Woodsplint Cuff Bracelet.

Black Ash Snowflake Ornament
Black Ash and Sweetgrass basketweave snowflake Christmas tree ornament project instructions.

Black Ash Bookmark
Make a bookmark just like the Maine Indians. Instructions are given for making the traditional first project out of easily found materials, but will work up nicely in ash splint and sweetgrass as well.

Gourd Birdhouse Project
Use a gourd, some pine needles and your basketry skills to create a bird house with a twined pine needle thatched roof.

Lavender Wand
Use your basket weaving skills to make a fragrant lavender wand from the flowers in your garden.  An illustrated pattern.

Pine Needle Baskets
Online instructions and resources for making your own pine needle basket project.  Find coiling, stitching and shaping  instructions, several different ways to start a basket and much more.

Square Black Ash Basket with Curls
This feature article provides illustrated free instructions to make a 4" x 4" square black ash woodsplint basket with curl embellishment.

Twig Beads
Make wooden twig beads from the branches of the trees in your yard to use as embellishments for your baskets or as a garland or necklace for your next nature craft project.

Bowl With Pine Needle Rim and Pine Needle Accent
Free instructions on how to create a gourd bowl with a rim and accent row of pine needles stitched on with sinew or waxed linen thread.

Coiled Pine Needle Basket Tutorial
Learn how to make a coiled pine needle basket using this fully illustrated tutorial by Marian Gee on the Northwest Basket Weavers - Vi Phillips Guild Website.

Coiled Willow Basketry Tutorial (link has gone dead)
Professor Marvin Cohodas offers this free page of instruction and tips on coiled willow basketmaking. Materials preparation, the weaving process, recognizing one-rod and three-rod coiling, closed coiling, interlocked and non-interlocked stitching are all discussed.

Diagonal Checkweave Rush Box
Scirpus Lacustris, bulrush is used to weave a small square using a diagonal plaiting technique. Also a pattern for rush place mat in checkweave and twining. This pattern has moved several times, but try "links" from the Dane Coppice Crafts Group page if the main link is dead. You should also find a rush placemat pattern.

Free Instructions To Make A Coiled Bee Skep
Step by step illustrated instructions for making a straw bee skep. A free coiled basketweaving pattern.

Gourd Basket Tutorials Projects And Patterns
Net list of various resources for learning how to make and decorate gourd baskets and other gourd projects.

Grapevine Stand - Free Instructions
Make a stand with three levels of woven grapevine with FREE instructions from Country Sampler Decorating Ideas.

How To Make A Broom - Free Instructions
The broommaker at Corson Gandy Barn, which is the Broom barn at Historic Cold Spring Village offers instructions on making your own broom.

How to Make a Willow Wigwam
Use long willow whips to create a simple living willow garden sculpture with these step-by-step instructions from Simply Willow.

Making A Folded Bark Basket
Ken Peek offers a free illustrated tutorial that will teach you how to make a basket from folded and stitched bark. Poplar, ash, pine or other conifer barks can be adapted to this basket form.

Making A Tension Tray Of Hedgerow
Free pattern allows you to make a tension tray with prunings from your garden. This pattern has moved several times, but try "links" from the Dane Coppice Crafts Group page if the main link is dead. 

Making A Willow Obelisk
Free, step-by-step illustrated instructions for making a plant support structure from willow rods or other saplings. A free gardening project from the BBC.

Make a Willow Playhouse
Use long willow whips to create a living willow garden playhouse with these step-by-step instructions from Simply Willow.

Quilled Birch Bark Pendant
Tara Prindle offers instructions on creating a small birch bark pendant decorated with porcupine quills.

Tips and a tutorial explaining how to dye cane using Dharma Dyes and a fixative that will help prevent bleeding are also available.

Rush Place Mats In Check Weave and Twining
Scirpus Lacustris, the bulrush is used to make this round twined placemat.

Step by Step Instructions for Weaving a Cherokee Diagonal Twill Basket
Charlotte Coats offers a free pictorial tutorial that will help you learn how to weave a traditional Cherokee Diagonal Twill Single Weave Basket. Includes free instruction on how to finish the basket with a Choctaw style rim as taught by the late Claude Medford, Jr.

Tiered Fruit Stand of Grapevine
Make a three level fruit stand using an inverted wire tomato cage that becomes the framework for three grapevine random weave baskets.

Tips for Making Rustic Garden Structures
Suggestions for do it yourselfers that will help in the construction of rustic garden structures from branches or twigs.

Twiggy Trellis
Free pattern will teach you how to make a plant tower trellis from freshly cut branches or woodland prunings of dogwood or other shrub and weavers of wild grapevine, Virginia Creeper or English Ivy.

Weaving Cherokee Double Woven Baskets
Step by step instructions for weaving a Cherokee Double Woven Basket.

Willow Ribbed Basket - Free Pattern
Simple instructions by Ray Thompson teach you how to weave a natural willow ribbed egg or melon basket.

Willow Spoke Basket - Free Tutorial
Learn to weave a simple willow basket with these free instructions by Travis Brown which first appeared in Wilderness Way magazine.

Willow Sculptures
Instructions from The Growing Schools Garden will teach you how to create a simple willow sculpture.

Freebies For Basketmakers
An entire page of free catalogs, samples and freebies of interest to basketweavers.

Free Basket Patterns Index
This is where you can find more free basketry patterns, dreamcatcher projects and other freebies for basketmakers.


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