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Traditions Of Basketry

Tradition and history of regional basketry styles.

Biography of Dat-So-La-Lee
Extensive information about Dat-So-La-Lee who was a famous Washo (or Washoe) Indian woman basketweaver from the late 1800's and early 1900's. From the Nevada Women's History Project.

Chair Seating History - Marshall McGurk
Essay about harvesting, processing of cane and the history of cane as a chair seating material.

Columbia River Basketry: Gift of the Ancestors, Gift of the Earth
by Mary Dodds Schlick
Mary is a respected authority on baskets and their makers in the Columbia River Basin of the Plateau Culture area. Coiled cedar root baskets filled with plump huckleberries, twined flat cornhusk bags stuffed full of camas roots, imbricated designs, reticulated rims, cherry bark or beargrass embellishments and the weavers who continue the traditions, you will read about them all.

Crooked Knives - The One Handed Drawknife
A presentation of the Hudson Museum that details the history of the use of crooked knives in basketmaking and other traditional handcrafts. Extensive image gallery of historic crooked knives.

Early Basketmaking - Antique American Baskets
Article by Wayne Mattox for Antique Talk discusses the various types of historic American baskets and the qualities to look for when collecting antique American baskets.

Edward S. Curtis
Edward Sheriff Curtis, a noted photographer of the 1800's, spent thirty years documenting the lives of Native Americans. Many of his photos included basketry.

Medieval Basketweaving Criteria
Judging criteria for participants in the Middle Kingdom Arts and Sciences Faires hosted by The Society For Creative Anachronism. The period represented is 600 to 1600 Common Era (c.e.) and baskets must be derived from a European culture or another culture which had documentable contact with Europe during that period.

North Carolina Tobacco Basket
Offered by In Season Herbs and Baskets. With links to how to make a miniature tobacco basket and walnut dye recipe.

Shaker Baskets by Martha Wetherbee and Nathan Taylor

Shaker Baskets 
by Martha Wetherbee and Nathan Taylor
History, identification and process involved in the Shaker basket. Many black and white illustrations and photos. Hardcover. 

Shaker Baskets and Poplarware by Gerrie Kennedy, Galen Beale, Jim Johnson

Shaker Baskets and Poplarware 
by Gerrie Kennedy, Galen Beale, Jim Johnson
A field guide for the evaluation of Shaker baskets and woven poplar cloth boxes. Filled with detail on how to identify, evaluate vintage splint containers and basketware. Paperback.

The Oneida Art of Basketry
Presentation from the Shako:wi Cultural Center at the Oneida Indian Nation of the history and technology of early Oneida black ash baskets.

Tradition and Innovation: A Basket History of the Indians of the Yosemite-Mono Lake Area
by Craig D. Bates
Historical information on the basketry of the central Sierra Nevada peoples. Includes discussion of the plants used, how the materials are gathered, and how basic weaves are done with good line illustrations.
Discusses how the construction of the baskets changed over time, from pre-contact styles to the later baskets produced for tourists and Field Days competitions. Richly illustrated with  numerous pictures, from the archives of the Yosemite museum and from the weavers' families.

Rezo Howell Waters (1850-1919)
Illustrated profile of this historic basketmaking family who lived and worked in Dantown, located in North Stamford, Connecticut near New Canaan, CT and Pound Ridge, New York. This area is known for the production of sturdy splint baskets produced for the clam and oyster trade. Read more about historic baskets made in "Dantown", Scotts Corner, Pound Ridge, Taghkanic and other locales in this review of a 2000 basket exhibit organized by the Wilton Historical Society.

History of The W. C. Redmon Company
The Peru, Indiana company that wove RED-MAN picnic baskets with an Indian head as the logo has been around for over 120 years. The Redmon Company no longer produces items like your grandmother's vintage redman wicker picnic basket, but they do offer woven bassinets, hampers and the like.


Wicker Basketry by Flo Hoppe
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