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Daily Crafting Deals


Design products like t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, mugs and mouse pads with your baskets on them. Copyright © Susi Nuss



Collecting Antique Baskets - Buying at Auction

Collecting antique baskets from live onsite and online auctions is now possible without leaving your own desk. You will find an exciting and ever-changing selection of baskets such as Apache trays, Pomo Gift Baskets, Washo Gap Stitch Baskets, Spokane Twined Baskets, Attu Twined Grass Baskets, Tlingit Twined Spruce Root Baskets, Eskimo (Inupiaq, Yup'ik, Cup'ik and Bering Sea Yupik) Coiled Baleen Baskets, Klikitat Imbricated Cedar Root Baskets, Tsimshian Cedar Bark Baskets, Thompson River (Salish) Cedar Root Baskets, Chitimacha Rivercane Baskets, Appalachian Ribbed Oak Buttocks Baskets, Pennsylvania Large Rye Straw Baskets, Makah Double-faced plaited and twined cedar Baskets, Paiute Coiled Willow Baskets, Apache Burden Basket, White Mountain Apache Coiled Trays, Cherokee White Oak Baskets, Papago Coiled Basket, Nuu-Cha-Nulth or Makah geometric twined bottles or any of a myriad of Native American & Ethnographic, Nantucket Lightship, Yankee Settler Splint Baskets available for you to bid on.

Auction houses around the world like Skinner, Garth's Auctions, Inc., James D. Julia, Inc., Pook & Pook, Inc., High Noon Western Americana, West Coast Estates Auctions, R. G. Munn, Cowan's Historical Americana, Desert West Auctions and many others are teaming up with online services to make it possible for basket collectors to make live bids from home if they can't be in attendance at the live onsite auctions that feature baskets.

Get Ready to Save Today - Register To Bid On eBay

New to eBay? Get Ready to Save ~ Register Today

Get Ready to Save Today - Register To Bid On eBay

New to eBay? Get Ready to Save ~ Register Today

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Yokuts Baskets
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Stuff to Collectify!
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the retail price of this cataloging program.

Seahawk Auctions
Seahawk Auctions of British Columbia, Canada is a source for museum quality Northwest Coast Native American Art and Artifacts including Fraser River, Tlingit, Klikitat, Siletz, Salish, Thompson River, Nootka, Nuu-chah-nulth, Cowlitz, Coos Bay, Quinault, Haida, and other baskets from the First Nations of Canada, Pacific Northwest Coast of the USA and beyond. They also offer fine examples of Native Art from other parts of North America.

Market Trends in Antique Basket Collecting

Pima Man in the Maze and Squash Blossom Coiled southwestern baskets
Southwest Baskets sold for $1,200.00

Skinner Auctions - American Indian & Ethnographic Art Auction Results
American Indian & Ethnographic Art, May 13th, 2006 at 10:00am ET. Live Auction online bidding available. The rare and evocative materials found in Skinnerís American Indian & Ethnographic Art auctions include Eskimo artifacts, Tribal Art, Pre-Columbian art, Spanish Colonial art, American West collectibles. Highlights from this sale include: Many early Pomo & California baskets, Northwest Coast Painted Twined Spruce Root Basket, Pima and other southwest basket and several chip carved crooked knives. 




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