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Miniature Baskets

Miniature baskets can be made in a variety of basket types using a full range of materials and basketry techniques. Often making a miniature basket is more difficult and time consuming than making a similar one of standard size. It takes an understanding of the refinement of materials necessary when working in small scale. It also takes an infinite amount of patience. Good eyesight or a powerful magnifier is helpful too. I have gathered a number of resources on miniature baskets including basketmakers past and present who are known for their work in small scale basketry. You can also find fine examples of historic miniature baskets found in museums and collections.

Linda Aguilar
This Chumash basketmaker coils miniature baskets using horsehair. Linda is profiled here in a presentation by the American Indian Computer Art Project. Her work is available in locations including Pacific Western Traders.

Cheryl Christenson
Miniature basket artist from Hillsboro, NH creates tiny black ash baskets and ornaments in natural as well as dyed colors. Some are embellished with beads.

Kerri Dick
Kerri-Lynne Emily Dick, basket artist from British Columbia. She has studied basketweaving with weavers Beau Dick, April Churchill, Donna Cranmer, Primrose Adams and William White. She is descended from noted weavers Emily White and Isabel Edenshaw. She weaves in yellow and red cedar bark, spruce root, and wool, using the Ravenís Tail style.

Trevel Wood
Trevel makes white oak ribbed basket of incredible refinement.

Miniature Baskets From The Heard Museum
The shop at this museum offers a varied selection of southwestern Native American  miniature baskets including coiled and wicker Hopi, Tohono O'odham-Papago and Navajo examples.

Polly Adams Sutton
Polly creates one of a kind sculptural baskets from northwest natural materials such as cedarbark. Occasionally you may be lucky enough to obtain a prototype of her large gallery pieces that she makes for gallery exhibitions at places such as Jane Sauer Gallery and Fountainhead in small scale to test her ideas.

Kisha Rawlinson
Miniature Sweetgrass baskets continue a three hundred year tradition that Kisha's  mother, grandmother and grandaunt taught her to make. They started her on her way to making her first sweetgrass basket when she was eight years old. Coiled sweetgrass basketry is a tradition practiced by a small group of Charlestonians centralized in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.

Adeline Jose
A member of the Tohono O'odham tribal nation (formerly known as Papago Indians) who live along the Arizona, Mexico border creates detailed miniature coiled horsehair pictorial baskets.

Alice Ogden
Alice creates a line of miniature black ash baskets that she markets as Christmas tree ornaments. A special design has been offered each year since 1997.

Gene and Lorraine Wieskamp
Miniature Nantucket Lightship style baskets in shapes such as lidded purses, open ovals, creels and Christmas tree ornaments.

Stephen Zeh
Maker of award winning baskets handcrafted of Maine brown ash in the tradition of the Maine woodsmen, Shakers, and Native American basketmakers. Miniature, swing handle baskets, pack baskets, creels, purses, carriers, and lidded baskets.

Pamela Zimmerman
Among many other things, Pamela coils miniature baskets and wearables of horsehair and waxed linen thread.

Historic Miniature Baskets

Miniature Ash Hexagonal Weave Ash Basket
A Maine Indian basket made in the 1800's and now held in the collections of the Abbe Museum.

Miniature Coiled Pomo Basket
A finely stitched basket of natural Northern California materials is one of many baskets from the collection of the Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology.

Miniature Feathered Pomo Basket
A finely stitched basket embellished with a multitude of colored bird feathers is one of many baskets from the collection of the Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology. Several other mini baskets are accessible from this page. Take care to scroll down the page to view the image.

Pima Miniature Baskets
Several coiled miniature baskets from the collections of the Heard Museum.


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