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Design products like t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, mugs and mouse pads with your baskets on them. Copyright  Susi Nuss



Adirondack Pack Baskets: Supplies, Kits, Patterns

Adirondack Backpack Basket Pattern
Lisa Nortz has authored this pattern for a reed pack basket large enough for your next hiking excursion. Approximately 22" high.

Adirondack Style Backpack Pattern
Reed Adirondack pack basket pattern in two sizes authored by Dianne Stanton available from

Black Ash Woodsplint Supplies For Basketmaking
Listing of sources of tree run and fully processed black ash woodsplint for your basketry projects.

Bushel Basket Handles
Carved wooden notched bushel handles for use in back packs.

Double Walled Backpack By Jennifer Scharman
Jennifer offers this pattern for a double walled pack basket in reed through

Leather and Woven Pack Basket Harnesses
Sized to fit Lisa Nortz's back pack basket patterns in a variety of sizes from mini to large. From

Leather Pack Basket Harnesses
These rugged oak tan cowhide leather harnesses designed for Adirondack Pack baskets are adjustable, have a nice chocolate color, are oiled, and feature brass hardware. Standard, mini and leather fishing creel harnesses are available.

Maine Woods Pack Basket Weaving Pattern
Designed with the advice and assistance of a Maine Guide, this large basket with an inner and outer base, large wooden runners, extra large harness, and a beautiful hand-carved handle. All the materials you will need to make this basket are available as well including a harness, handle, base and skids.

Pack Basket Pattern By Joyce Venti
Reed Adirondack pack basket pattern in a small size authored by Joyce Venti available from The Basket Maker.

Small and Mini Adirondack Basket Patterns
Lisa Nortz has authored this pattern for two reed pack baskets in smaller sizes. Small pack is approximately 8" high.

Pack Basket Workshop
Learn how to weave a pack basket in this multi day workshop by Jack Mountain Bushcraft. Image gallery

Adirondack Pack Basket Index
Find more about Adirondack packbaskets including tutorials, how to's, supplies, kits, patterns, makers and where to purchase finished baskets.

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