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Knotted Baskets

Knotted basketry, sculptural art vessels and contemporary sculptural baskets done in knotting techniques, as well as the studio artists who create them.

Kate Anderson Kate Anderson
Maker of knotted vessels who exhibits internationally. Her knotted teapots, cups and saucers reference the work of famous painters. Her work is featured on page 100 of 500 Baskets and numerous galleries including Snyderman-Works. She teaches workshops in knotted basketry.

Time Flies
A knotted collaborative work created by Leah Danberg, Norman Sherfield Rosalie Friis-Ross, Gerri Johnson-McMillin, Merrill Morrison and Norman Sherfield of Why Not, the LA Knotter's group for the Art of Time Zimmer Museum charity auction.

Ellen Dickinson
This Roselyn Heights, NY artist creates sculptural forms of unbleached linen and cotton cord using a figure eight basketry stitch. 

Leah Danburg
Oh my Mama, 2008. Knotted waxed linen and cotton figural elephant mother and baby. Biography on del Mano

Wax linen thread sculptural art basket by Ferne Jacobs. On display in the Snyderman-Works Online Gallery.

Ed Bing Lee
Visit the personal web site of this studio artist and creator of knotted artworks. Winner of a 2007 Pew Fellowship. Don't miss the video interview.

Joh Ricci
Artist from New Oxford, PA uses knotting and other textile techniques over carved and sculpted forms with rayon, cotton novelty yarns and artist dyed nylon cords to create one-of-a-kind sculptural baskets.

Jane Sauer
Jane is now the owner of Jane Sauer Gallery in Santa Fe, NM. Follow Jane on her blog.

Jane Sauer - Anchored in Realism
Jane's knotted wax linen thread vessel is among the works featured in Snyderman and Works Galleries Textile and Fiber Arts International Biennial, Survey Fiber 2002.

All Tied Up: Knitted and Knotted Works in RAM's Collection
December 21, 2008 – March 8, 2009. The Racine Art Museum presented this exhibition featuring works from RAM’s permanent collection that demonstrate diverse knotting techniques used to construct form, structure or surface decoration.

Knotted Basket
Mad Hatter, a colorful knotted basket by Carol Antrim.

Knotted Waxed Linen Baskets
Sculptural Contemporary knotted baskets by Tony Stubblefield.

Knots on the Web
All sorts of information on knotting.

Patti Lechman
Fiber artist from Memphis, TN is known for her knotted vessels often embellished with glass beads. Featured here on the American Art Company site.

Patti Lechman
Samadhi, a knotted piece by Patti Lechman is featured in Fiberarts magazine.

Gerri Johnson-McMillin
Maker of fishbone and monofilament vessels and knotted waxed linen sculpture.

Macramé Collective
A group knotting site that features artists such as Joan Babcock, Ed Bing Lee, Norman Sherfield, Merrill Morrison and Gerri Johnson-McMillin.

Merrill Morrison
Working with waxed linen and beads in a knotted technique that has been revived by contemporary basketmakers and is also used to create fiber sculpture. She uses a half-hitch knot, working in waxed linen over a waxed linen core and most often over a sculpted form, carved from Styrofoam. You will find this artist's work displayed in juried exhibitions and galleries such as Mobilia in Cambridge, Massachusetts or del Mano in West Los Angeles, California. Merrill on Facebook.

Vajra and Nataraja
Knotted Nylon/Glass Beads contemporary vessels by Patti Lechman.

Norman Sherfield
Maker of knotted waxed linen sculptures. Norman uses social networking sites such as Facebook and flickr to promote his knotted creations.

Waxed Linen Sculpture
Ferne Jacobs of Los Angeles, CA creates sculptural knotted art baskets of waxed linen thread.

Deloss Webber
Del derives his knotting techniques from traditional Japanese and Native American basketry, wicker furniture, loom weaving, fly-tying, and nautical knotting. Each stone is selected and wrapped with a unique design made of various materials including bamboo, cane, rattan, and reed. Largely influenced by Japanese Ikebana basketry, Del often incorporates into his designs traditional Japanese knotting techniques such as butterfly knots, insect wrapping, interlocking V knots, and spiral cross knots.

Peter the Knotter - Knotting and Macramé Tutorials
Instructions for knots such as clove hitch, square knot, lark's head, carrick bend, reef knots, Turk's knot and picot edges.

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