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Story stone knotless netted pendant free pattern hung on a matching cord done in two colors of waxed linen thread - Graphic Susi Nuss  2000 - storystone.jpg (18757 bytes)

When I travel I like to collect stones or other small hard objects as a reminder of my trip. These stones tell a story of how and where they were collected. I find it a wonderful way to recall the happy memories of my experiences and the friends I met along the way. I try to collect a little something every time I attend a basketry conference or extended workshop. The stone in this pendant was collected at the National Basketry Conference, Tradition and Innovation: Basketry Today held October 1999 in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I found it in a little stream running along side the Pi Beta Phi Arrowcraft Shop.

Attending this conference was a present to myself that had double significance because the conference was such a pivotal event in American Basketry history and because as a member of Pi Beta Phi myself, it was a chance to revisit the renowned arts and crafts school that is the major philanthropic project of Pi Phi. It was a marvelous experience that became possible in part, because I received a Founders Scholarship from Northeast Basketmakers Guild. The next time you take a trip, whether it is related to basketmaking or just a vacation with your family, collect something and make a story stone of your own.

Using the technique of knotless netting to encapsulate the stone with waxed linen thread in a variety of stitches, you can turn these small objects into a necklace, pendant or other object. The technique can be expanded and used to incorporate into your next basket project. Knotless netting is a traditional textile technique that has a long history. Knotless netting is made of twisted threads with the strands running through loops made by the previous strand to make meshes, without making knots. It is also called needle lace and looping. The knotless netting stitches can be simple or more complex.

Materials Needed
  • Collected object or small stone
  • Waxed linen thread in two colors
  • Small beads or other embellishments
  • Wax or polish for stone
Supplies and Tools Needed
  • Scissors
  • Blunt Tapestry Needle
  • Sandpaper
Procedure - Encapsulate The Stone
  • Use the sandpaper to clean up your stone.
  • Rub the stone with wax or polish and buff.
  • Cut a length of waxed linen several yards long.
  • Thread the needle with the waxed linen thread.
  • Tie a slip knot at the opposite end of the thread, leaving a small ring.
  • Begin to stitch loops into the original ring by going in front of the loop, then over the thread and back through the newly created loop. Pull the thread so that the loop tightens, but does not close.
  • Continue stitching new loops around the ring placing your needle to the same side of the stitch each time.
  • The number of stitches in this first row will vary depending on the size of your object.
  • Adjust the network of loops to fit around the base of your object.
  • When your loops finish the first row take your next stitch into the first loop you formed to start a second row.
  • Continue in this fashion, adjusting the tension to conform to the shape of your stone.

Knotless Netting in a basic single stitch creates the netted waxed linen covering for a story stone - Graphic Susi Nuss  2000 - storystone1.jpg (20628 bytes)

Knotless Netting - Basic Single Stitch

  • You may vary the stitch in numerous ways including taking two or three stitches into the same mesh. You could work several stitches in one mesh and then skip the next.
  • You may need to increase the number of meshes to conform to the shape of your object.  Do this by taking two stitches into the same mesh.

Knotless Netted Story Stone Pendant free pattern. Stitch variation with multiple stitches in the same netted mesh. - Susi Nuss  2000 - storystone2.jpg (24186 bytes)

Knotless Netting - Double Stitch Variation

  • In this case I wrapped the thread twice around the loop forming the mesh before making the next mesh.
  • Continue stitching until the entire object is covered, adjusting the tension of the stitches as you proceed.
  • Finish off with a small knot, leaving the ends to tie onto the neck cord.
Procedure - Make The Neck Cord
  • Cut four lengths of waxed linen in two colors to make a cord to hang your Story Stone from.
  • The length of the cord will vary according to the intended finished length, but it is wise to over estimate the length.
  • Tie one end of all four ends of the thread together.
  • Divide the four threads into two groups with one of each color in a group.
  • Secure the knotted end to something stationary.
  • Hold two threads in each hand.
  • Twist the two threads together between your fingers imparting a Z-twist in each group of two threads.
  • Once the threads are twisted tightly, reverse the cords from your right to your left hand, passing the right hand over the left.
  • Twist the threads in the separate groups of two threads to impart additional Z-twist to each group.
  • Again pass the cords from your right to your left hand, passing your right hand over the left.
  • Be certain to untangle the loose ends of the threads as you go along.
  • Continue this twist and pass step over and over until the cordage is long enough.
  • Tie off the ends of the cord so it does not untwist.
Procedure - Attach The Story Stone To The Neck Cord
  • Tie the netted story stone onto the ends of the cordage leaving short lengths of thread loose at the ends and the cord the length you desire.
  • Thread small beads or other embellishments onto the loose ends and tie them in an overhand knot to secure the beads.
  • Trim any extra thread off a short distance beyond the knot.

Beads added to the waxed linen story stone knotless netting pendant free project instructions. - Graphic Susi Nuss  2000 - storystone3.jpg (20084 bytes)

Story Stone With Beaded Embellishment


Other Resources

Do you use your Knotless Netting In Your Work? - log on to the forum and tell us all about it.

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Graphics - Susi Nuss 2000, All Rights Reserved

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