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Design products like t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, mugs and mouse pads with your baskets on them. Copyright © Susi Nuss




Information on how to dye and paint materials for basketry. Where to find the instructions, supplies, resources and recipes you will need in dyeing your baskets.

Ella Myers - Navajo Dye Chart
Navajo Dye Chart
Ella Myers
23 in x 19 in
Buy This Art Print At
Framed | Mounted

Basket Dye From Walnut Hulls
Recipe for black walnut hull dye with resources such as black walnut hull powder, concentrated walnut dye and walnut recipes.

How To Make Basket Dye From Walnut Hulls
A simple How to on making black walnut hull basket dye.

Kool-Aid Colours
Feature article about dyeing wool with Kool-Aid by Päivi Suomi, weaving/spinning author.

Lichens and Dyes
Feature article about lichens used for dyeing by Päivi Suomi.

Natural Black Dye
A tutorial from Primitive Ways authored by Dino Labiste provides instructions to help you learn how to dye your basketry materials or other fiber a deep rich black color using water, tannins, and iron.

Natural Dyes and Mordants
Feature article about natural dyes and mordants used for dyeing by Päivi Suomi.

Natural Dyestuffs
Wool Traditions in Taos, NM offers a wide selection of natural dyestuff and natural dye extracts such as black walnut, chestnut, cochineal, indigo, logwood and may others that are used to dye basketry materials along with wool yarn.

Basket Reed Dyeing Using Reactive Dyes
From Pro Chemicals - instructions on the use of Diazol Direct dyes for dyeing basket reed.

Dye History from 2600 BC to the 20th Century
Prepared by Susan C. Druding for her dye seminar at HGA Convergence '82.

Dyes from Earth Guild
Product listings of dyeing supplies available from Earth Guild.

Refresh the page to view other stain and dye resources.

Dyeing Porcupine Quills
Using natural dyes to color porcupine quills is described by Nancy Fonicello on the NativeTech site. Recipes using varied natural dyestuffs.

Dyeing Reeds, Rattan and Wood
Instructional sheet from Jacquard Products covering dyeing using Procion MX Dyes.

Dyeing Basket Reed using Diazol Direct Dyes
Instructional sheet from Pro Chemical covering dyeing using Diazol Direct Dyes.

Fabric Painting and Decoration - Fabric and Textile Dyes
Supplies for many types of dyeing, painting and marbling projects including basketry. Brand names such as Dylon, Jacquard, Procion.

Indigo Dye
Synthetic indigo vat dye in bead form that is chemically identical to natural indigo and more concentrated for dyeing materials shades of blue.


Indigo Dye
History and background of indigo dyes with an illustration of Indigofera tinctoria.

Jacquard Wood n' Reed Dye
Product information and instructions for this Wood and Reed Dye designed for a whole range of dry natural materials: straw, grasses, raffia, leaves, potpourri, shell, bone, dried flowers, bamboo and even acrylic.

Kool Aid Space Dyeing In A Crockpot
Instructions for dyeing wool roving by Glenna Stansifer from Fiber News June 1997.

Minwax™ Wood Finish
Color selection charts and directions for the use of this oil based wood stain.

Natural Dyeing
Information on using natural materials for dyeing from Urban Eagle. Includes information on natural dyeing workshops.

Natural Dyes
Natural Indigo, Synthetic Indigo, Logwood Sawdust, Brazilwood Sawdust, Cochineal, Madder Root, Cutch Extract, Osage Orange Sawdust from Dharma Trading Co.

Natural Dyes
Natural dyes are known for their beautiful, multi-hued shades. The E Color Natural Dye System offers the dyer ease of use, a single mordant for all colors and crystalline color extracts from commercial materials. The dye crystals are of the highest quality and their production process conforms to ecologically sound methods. Cochineal, Madder, Cutch, Indigo, Ecowet, Mordant.

Natural Dyes International
A non-profit organization for research and education on natural dyes and pigments, located in Taos, New Mexico.

Natural Dyes Mailing List
A unmoderated discussions group with open membership and searchable public archives dedicated to the discussion of dyeing with natural substances.

Perfection Acid Dye Color Card
From W. Cushing & Company a color card for Perfection Acid Dyes.

Perfection Direct Dye Color Card
From W. Cushing & Company a color card for Perfection Direct Dyes.

Procion Dye Technical Data
Instructions on how to use concentrated Procion MX fiber reactive dyes.

Recipe for Black Walnut Dye
A recipe for black walnut dye in the instruction unit titled True Colors from The Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation.

Rit Dye Custom Color Recipes
Mix a wide variety of custom colors using Rit Proline liquid or powder dyes with the help of these recipes.

RIT Custom Color Recipe Chart
Create your own high-fashioned colors. Rit has posted the recipes for custom colors using Rit dyes.

Studio Safety When Dyeing
Guidelines and safety precautions in the studio when dyeing basketry materials or other fibers.  From Pro Chemical and Dye, Inc.

Tub Dyeing Using Procian Dyes
From Dharma Trading instructions for the basic method for solid color dyeing. Use this method to dye something completely one color. Also called Vat Dyeing or Garment Dyeing.

Walnut Dye For Basketry
Billie Ruth Sudduth's instructions for making and using walnut dye for basketry from In Season Herbs and Baskets.

Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata) Used As A Dye Plant
Paivi Soumi describes her technique to use Western Red Cedar as a natural dye plant.


Wicker Basketry by Flo Hoppe
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