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Design products like t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, mugs and mouse pads with your baskets on them. Copyright  Susi Nuss



White Oak Baskets

Baskets made of split, drawn, rived and woven white oak Quercus alba woodsplint or white oak rods made by traditional and contemporary basketmakers.

John Miller - Oak Tree
Oak Tree
John Miller
Buy Oak Art Prints At
Framed | Mounted

Appalachian White Oak Basketmaking by Rachel Nash Law, Cynthia W. Taylor Appalachian White Oak Basketmaking 
by Rachel Nash Law, Cynthia W. Taylor
Excellent coverage of the tradition, timber preparation and tools of Appalachian White Oak rib, split and rod baskets. Many pictures of vintage baskets and basketmakers. Excellent graphics explaining the materials preparation and weaving processes. Hardcover. Also available in Paperback.

Lucreaty Clark - White Oak Basketmaker
Lucreaty Clark talks about making white oak baskets. Audio recordings, transcripts, photos and lesson plans are included in this presentation by the Florida Folklife digitization and education project.

Donnie and Joyce Ellison
This husband and wife team weave and teach white oak basketry in the tradition of the Ozark Mountains of their home state of Missouri.

Baskets and Basketmakers in Southern Appalachia
by John Rice Irwin
Basketry of the Appalachian region both historical and present day. Includes portrait of the mountain basketmakers themselves. Numerous black and white photographs of both baskets and basketmakers. Some information on process of materials preparation and weaving. Paperback.

Robert Haygen - White Oak (site down)
Site includes a presentation on how to select and process a white oak tree into woodsplints for basketry along with a series of White Oak Limited Edition Signature baskets.

Edward Harris, Sr.
Split White oak basketmaker from Washington, Louisiana. Comes from a family of white oak basketmakers.

Jan Henry
Jan Henry and her husband, Bruce live on 10 acres outside of Atlanta, Georgia. They make white oak splint and hand-split white oak rod baskets. Bruce splits and rives the tree and Jan takes over the preparation of the white oak from there. Each traditional-style basket is based upon original designs and is handcrafted by Jan. Jan no longer maintains her own web site, but you can visit her flickr photostream above or reach Jan Henry by email about her baskets or her book--White Oak Basketry--An Illustrated Guide.

Basketry of the Appalachian Mountains by Sue H. Stephenson Basketry of the Appalachian Mountains
by Sue H. Stephenson
History and techniques of the basketry and basketmakers from the Appalachian region. Paperback. Out of Print.

Kenneth Kerry
Third generation White Oak basketmaker from Louisiana.

Bobby and Mik Edwards
Makers of traditional Tennessee white oak baskets offer workshops at locations such as Appalachian Center for Craft and the Artisan Center at Maple Creek.

Oakwood Basket Fact Sheet
The Non-timber Forest Products Program at Virginia Tech in collaboration with the USDA Forest Service have put together a fact sheet about the preparation and use of white oak splints in basketmaking.

Billy Owens
Second generation White Oak basketmaker owns and operates a basket shop in Branson, MO. Hand split White Oak splits and oak basket kits are available along with handmade oak baskets.

Mammoth Cave Basket Makers Guild
Founded in 2001 to preserve and promote traditional white oak woodsplint basket making of the south central Kentucky region.

Owen Rein
Traditional White oak basketmaker from Mountain View, Arkansas. His site includes a reprint of an article he wrote for Woodwork Magazine that describes in depth the process of selecting a log, reducing it into traditional hand-split oak basketmaking materials and making an oak basket. Processing white oak timber to make basket splint.

Billy Ray Sims
Alabama basketmaker with a focus on traditional baskets, primarily of white oak, which he harvests and splits himself. His work also includes baskets of New England black ash and South Carolina sea grass. Member of Alabama Designer Craftsmen, Southern Highlands Craft Guild, and Mammoth Cave Basket Makers Guild, Kentucky.

Bill & Mary Ann Smith (profile at very end of article)
White oak basketmakers from Alabama working in traditional split oak. They also do some work with hickory and poplar bark. They are the resident basketmakers at Tannehill Historical State Park in Alabama and also teach at John Campbell Folk School in the N.C. mountains. Their email is oakweaver(at)

Stout Hearts: Traditional Oak Basket Makers of the South Carolina Upcountry (Paperback)
by Gary Stanton
This volume was produced in conjunction with a
traveling exhibit organized by the McKissick Museum at the University of South Carolina. Includes information about the processing and use of white oak woodsplint in the making of baskets. Numerous interviews with basket makers and an inventory of the baskets included in the exhibit are included.

Thompson White Oak Baskets
The Tom Thompson family of Paxton, FL create traditional White Oak splint baskets at their Uncle Tom's Outhouse location.

Tilford Hord
Similar to the five generations of Illinois basketmakers who have harvested their materials from the land on which they have lived, Tilford uses white oak, red elm, walnut, hickory.

Leona Waddell
White oak basketmaker from Kentucky. This member of Mammoth Cave Basketmakers Guild is well noted for her ribbed oak baskets.

White Oak Basketmaking at Colonial Williamsburg
Interpreters display the process of making white oak woodsplint baskets that were common to 18th century Virginia. Presentation includes a journal article, slideshow and a video available for purchase.

Aaron Yakim and Cynthia Taylor
This pair of West Virginia basketmakers create variations of traditional "rib-style" Appalachian white oak baskets bringing them to a whole new level of refinement.

Appalachian Baskets at Auction

Campanelli print

Fine art prints by Pauline Campanelli

YouTube has interesting video clips on a variety of topics, but it can be more than a bit raunchy at times. I have put together a handpicked playlist of white oak basketmaking video clips and present them here in a customized player just for basketmakers and collectors. Once you start the first video, run your mouse along the bottom edge of the player screen to preview or select from the full list. In addition you may choose to visit my YouTube Channel or BasketMakers Group. Although I have done my best to avoid inappropriate "popular culture" content, viewer discretion is advised if you visit.

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