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Factory-Made Machine-Cut Veneer Splint Baskets

The American factory-made, machine-cut veneer splint baskets that came to prominence during the industrial revolution, putting many individual basket artisans out of business in the process, are now being threatened and driven to extinction themselves. Global competition is mounting from companies that are harvesting North American Black Ash, Maple and Oak hardwoods in the US and Canada and then shipping the wood to Asian countries such as China and Korea. Workers in those foreign countries weave the baskets by the thousands before they are imported back into America. These companies with offshore production facilities are now causing basket factories in the states to succumb and put even more pressure on the continuation of the tradition of individual American traditional basket artisans. While some of the baskets listed here are made in the USA read descriptions carefully to determine where any of these baskets is actually created because that information is often presented in a very deceptive fashion.

American Traditions
Factory-made, machine-cut maple veneer splint baskets with nailed rims.

Among the wide variety of baskets sold by this company you will find Reproduction Nantucket style baskets, reproduction Shaker style ash splint baskets and facsimiles of Appalachian style baskets. In the case of the Shaker reproductions the scarce ash splint is being shipped from North America to China where the baskets are woven by Chinese workers. The Appalachian facsimiles are woven by workers in Haiti using some local material other than the authentic material, white oak. While the corporate headquarters are in Putney, Vermont, recent expansion has been on an international scale. Basketville weaves baskets in its own workshop in China and imports baskets from around the world where their overseas weavers use native New England ash.

Bradford Basket Company
Bradford Baskets were American factory-made, machine cut maple veneer splint baskets with nailed rims. In 2005 they suffered a fire that burned their company to the ground and they have decided that they will not be able to re-open their facility. Another American basket company has lost its struggle against global competition.

Day Basket Factory
Manufactured baskets woven from white oak splint. Factory established in 1876.
Baskets come in a variety of sizes and styles. Market baskets in four different sizes, round farm baskets with bentwood handles or rope handles, picnic baskets with lids, laundry baskets, fish or firewood baskets, berry baskets, picking baskets with drop handles, eel pots and many others.

Longaberger Baskets
Factory-made, veneer-cut maple woodsplint baskets in standardized designs, manufactured by the millions and marketed in party plan fashion by independent sales associates each year.

Opinion from Editor: Even though they attempt to maintain a very wholesome, made-in-America image, the image the Longaberger family is trying to convey seems ironic to me now, since the company is outsourcing a large amount of their products to factories in China. Why anyone would want an over priced basket from a company that sells 10 million factory-made baskets a year or other companies like it when there are so many high quality traditional American baskets made by individual basket artists is beyond me, but then that is a matter of personal taste. I'll save my money for purchases that will support the continuing history of individual traditional American basket artists who are suffering in the midst of so many pressures that seem hell-bent on the destruction of that tradition.

Peterboro Baskets
Functional and decorative hardwood veneer cut splint baskets includes household baskets, such as garden baskets, laundry hampers, gift baskets and organizers for the kitchen counter. Made in a family owned factory that continues a 150 year New England Yankee tradition.

Sun Decor Korean Baskets
Factory-made machine-cut veneer Longaberger clone baskets use lumber cut in North America and shipped to Korea where workers weave the baskets by the thousands before they are imported back into America to be sold in ecommerce sites such as

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