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Design products like t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, mugs and mouse pads with your baskets on them. Copyright  Susi Nuss

Plaited Palms - weaving palm leave braids

Learn how to weave the palms from Palm Sunday services into crosses, roses, braids, doves, fish, crown of thorns, rose buds, wheat sprays, wreaths, stars and angels. Find out more about the people who keep this plaiting tradition alive. You will find Palm Braiding Tutorials with pictures of palm leaves braided into all sorts of shapes along with books about palm leaf braiding. Use these instructions when you braid the palm leaves you receive at Palm Sunday services in an Easter season crafts project for your whole family.

Fun with Flax
by Mick Pendergrast
50 projects for beginners using New Zealand flax leaves. Many of these projects can be woven with palm or other plant materials. Includes step by step illustrated weaving instructions for fish, stars, caterpillars, heron, snake, reindeer, frog, several balls and blocks, headbands and many more.
What Are Fronds For? by Wendy Arbeit What Are Fronds For?
by Wendy Arbeit
Instructions for plaited palm projects such as a fish, rose, baskets, wreath, wall pocket and more. Spiral Bound.
The Craft of Hawaiian Lauhala Weaving
by Josephine Bird
Book about the Hawaiian arts of lauhala (panadanus) leaf weaving and coconut frond weaving. Many of the same techniques and instructions are applicable to weaving palm leaves as well.
Arts and Crafts of Hawaii: Plaiting
by Peter Buck
Learn the art of weaving with pandanus or luahala in the Hawaiian style.

The Art Of Palm Weaving
Learn how to weave the palm leaves you get from Palm Sunday church services into a palm leaf cross bookmark, dove, fish, monstrance, 4 strand palm plaited braid, rosebud, cone or other ornament.

Coconut Palm Frond Weaving
by William H. Goodloe


Complete Book of Straw Craft & Corn Dollies
Great designs for the beginning and advanced weaver. Many designs used in straw craft will work when weaving palms.

Craft of Hawaiian Lauhala Weaving
by Adrian J. Bird
A free online eBook originally published by the University of Hawaii Press. Includes information about the hala tree, Selection and Preparation of Lauhala, a pattern for a stripping tool, instructions for making a straight-edged braided headband, bracelets, napkin rings, place mats, fan, basket (in PDF format). Appendix: Hawaiian Terms Used in Lauhala Weaving.

Crown of Thorns Made with Woven Palm Leaves
Free pattern that will teach you how to weave a palm leaf crown of thorns. One of several patterns presented by Italiansrus.

cover Decorative Straw Craft
by Barbara French
Many of the braiding and plaiting techniques used in straw craft are interchangeable with palm weaving.

Weaving With Coconut Palm
by George B. Stevenson

Palm Weaving the Story & the Art - Video
by Sister Cecilia Schmitt
Sr. Cecilia Schmitt's "Palm Weaving: The Story and the Art" on 60-minute VHS. The history of and instructions on weaving palms. Excerpts from the book and artist profile.

Palm Weaving the Story & the Art - Book
by Sister Cecilia Schmitt
This booklet shows you how to transform your palms from Palm Sunday into beautiful crosses, stars, and many other decorations. Packed with over 70 different designs for all levels, this booklet also includes a brief history and background to the "lost art" of palm weaving. Excerpts from the book and artist profile. This book is becoming hard to find. Read about Sister Cecilia Schmitt in this article about Weaving Palms on Holy Thursday.

Fish Woven of Palm Leaves
Weave the Christian symbol of the fish with your blessed palm leaves using this woven palm fish pattern.

The Guide to Basket Weaving: Creative Weaving with Coconut Palms
by Robert "Haole Bob" Morrison and Auntie Healani (Author), Randy Morrison (Photographer)
This book is written to teach the art of weaving with coconut leaves, called lau niu in Hawaiian. Also included are projects for those who already have weaving skills. The projects are arranged so that there is a progression of the basic styles of weaving one needs to know in order to complete the items. (Spiral-bound)

How To Make Plaited Crosses
Three separate patterns will show you how to make crosses.

How to Weave Hawaiian Coconut Palm Fronds
This step by step guide to weaving with palm fronds was authored by Jim Widess. Projects include a round basket, a square basket, a traditional palm frond hat, a trio of hanging baskets, a bird, two fish, a grasshopper and a rose. Spiral binding allows the book to lay flat. 72 pages. Published in 2006.

How To Weave Palms
Learn to make decorative crosses from the palms we receive on Palm Sunday. Create various decorated palms shaped like a cone, braid or rose bud.

Instructions To Make A Palm Cross
Holy week activity sheet that teaches how to make a cross of palm leaves or thin yellow paper.

Make a Palm Cross
Use a sheet of yellow cardstock paper and these free instructions to make a woven cross.

Palaspas, Traditional Filipino Palm Weaving
Palaspas, which means palm weaving in the Philippine language, is a centuries old tradition practiced in preparation for Palm Sunday. Coconut palm fronds are woven into intricate designs and brought to church to be blessed. Once blessed, palaspas are displayed in the home for protection and decoration. Filipino families have preserved their own weaving patterns by passing them down orally from one generation to the next.

Palaspas Palm Leaf Art
This Flickr image gallery showcases photographs representing the Filipino art of palaspas palm leaf weaving. The art form can be a temporary basket, mat, hat, decorations for the church, town fiesta, arco, kubol, tuklong, wedding, woven food cover, boiled rice pouches for suman, puso, patopat, playthings like balls, sambador, ibon, manuk-manuk, bituon, siko-siko, tipaklong and what have you.

Palm Braids
Anthony Parente of teaches step-by-step instructions on how to make a flat palm leaf braid with your blessed palms from church on Palm Sunday. 

Palm Branches Crafts
Arts and crafts ideas for Palm Sunday activities from

Palm Cross Coloring Book Page
A coloring book image of a plaited Palm Sunday cross brought to you by

Palm Cross Pattern
Anthony Parente of teaches step-by-step instructions on how to make a plaited palm cross as a Holy Week activity. 

Palm Cross Making Instructions
This free Palm Sunday craft sheet is brought to you by the Armenian Church.

Palm Crosses
Free pattern to make a cross from your blessed palms from King of Peace Episcopal Church in Kingsland, Georgia.

Palm Fronds for Plaiting
Order your palm strips for plaiting Palm Sunday. Processional palm leaves, palm leaves to decorate the altar and even palm leaf ashes.

Palm Frond Bird Pattern
Step-by-step instructions will help you learn how to weave a bird from the palm fronds you get in church on Palm Sunday.

Palm Leaf Art
Flickr photo pool group that includes Palapas along with other plaiting, palm leaf art and coconut palm weaving folk art.

Palm Rose Pattern
Instructions to weave a circular folded rose with palm leaves.

Palm Leaf Cross Pattern
Instructions for making crosses from palm leaves. A good Bible or Sunday school classroom crafts project. From Christian Crafters.

Palm Weaving Instruction Books And Video
Book, booklet and video show you how to transform your palms from Palm Sunday into beautiful crosses, stars, spiral ornaments and many other decorations. Includes a brief history and background to the "lost art" of palm weaving.

Pattern for Platted Palm Crosses
Free pattern includes clear step-by-step instructions illustrated with color photographs that zoom to life size. Available in a downloadable zipped document. From King of Peace Episcopal Church of Kingsland, GA.

Platted Palms
Illustrated instructions will show you how to make several types of platted straw ornaments that can also be fashioned using strips of palm leaves.

Plaiting a Palm Frond
Step by step instructions will teach you how to create decorative floral art from a palm frond.


Roses and Rose Buds Woven of Palm 
Make rose buds from palm leaves using this tutorial from Anthony Parente of

St. Briget's Cross
A favorite Irish Craft project with step by step instructions that will teach you how to make this Celtic Cross (in Gaelic: Cros Bhrighite) of traditional rush or straws in a more modern version. 

St. Brigid's Cross
Instructions from the students in a small rural Irish school teach how to make a St. Brigid's Cross of rushes.

Stripped Double Palm Leaves
Order your palm leaves stripped and cleaned for distribution at your Palm Sunday services or for weaving into plaited palm projects.

The Story of Lauhala
by Edna Williamson Stall
Starting with the legends and history of the pandanus tree, this valuable book covers a broad range of information from a description of the hala tree and its many uses to instructions for the weaving of lauhala products made from the leaf. The ancient Hawaiians made numerous items for daily use, from floor mats to sails, food baskets to beds. Directions for cleaning and preparing the leaves for weaving are included along with tips for the care and preservation of lauhala. (Paperback)

Styles Of Palm Braiding
Folding and cutting; looping and slitting; weaving and braiding are all ways to complete the craft of palm braiding. By Sr. Cecilia Schmitt.

Wheat Weaving And Straw Craft by Morgyn Geoffry Owens-Celli Wheat Weaving And Straw Craft
by Morgyn Geoffry Owens-Celli
Many of the plaiting patterns normally used in wheat weaving and straw crafts to make love knots and courting favors can be used interchangeably when you are weaving leaves from Palm Sunday services as a holy week activity. 

Woven Crafts of Coconut Palm Leaves
Gary Lustic, the Hatmon, weaves coconut palm leaves into beautiful hats, baskets, bowls, roses, plaited animals like lobsters, crabs, shrimps, frogs, angelfish, parrots, hummingbirds, pelicans, marlins, sharks and other unique creations.

Yellow Palm Strips
Cleaned and stripped palm fronds to order for Palm Sunday weaving supplies.

Easter Basket - an Easter book for young children by Michelle Knudsen
Easter Basket
by Michelle Knudsen
My Easter Basket - a Children's Easter book by Emma Less
My Easter Basket
by Emma Less
Pooh's Easter Basket - A Children's Easter Book by Walt Disney
Pooh's Easter Basket
by Walt Disney Co
My Easter Basket - A Children's Easter book by Mary Simon
My Easter Basket
by Mary Manz Simon

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