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Bark Basketry

Find supplies for a variety of type of bark basketry, basketmakers who work with barks such as birch, poplar, cedar, elm, pine, how to's and written narratives on harvesting, processing, dyeing and weaving bark for basketry. Individual baskets from personal and museum collections, as well as bark baskets available for purchase.

Birch Bark Basketry
Baskets made of birch bark, paneled, folded, stitched, wrapped or plaited. Basketmakers who work with birch bark as their chosen material, supplies for birch bark basketmaking, instructional books and much more

Cedar Basketry
Cedar basketry Net Links including cedar baskets, basketmakers specializing in cedar basketmaking, as well as harvesting and preparation of red and yellow cedar. Cedar bark basketry supplies, techniques, tutorials, patterns and individual baskets for inspiration.

Bark Basketmakers
Many basketmakers choose a variety of barks for use in their work. Visit their websites for inspiration, supplies and more.

Dorothy Gill Barnes
A contemporary artist from Worthington, OH who constructs a vessel, often basket like, using materials harvested from nature.

Joan Carrigan
Basket maker and basketry teacher from Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada. Using roots, Arbutus, Cedar and other barks, sedges, rushes, water iris and other west coast natural materials she creates traditional and sculptural vessels. 

Dennis Chilcote
An engineer by profession, Dennis expresses his artistic nature by combining fine woodworking and traditional basketry. The primary weaving materials in his work, birch bark and black ash splint, are gathered from the forests of northern Minnesota.

Jeanne Drevas
This working basketmaker and installation artist from Rappahannock County, VA uses bark sheets and other native natural materials she gathers near her home in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia to create basket forms and full scale sculptural installations. Her work is also represented at Jane Sauer Gallery.

Kathey Ervin
This basket artist and teacher from Sequim, WA offers a wide range of workshops, Northwest natural materials basketry supplies, finished baskets created using Pacific Northwest naturals such as Red and yellow cedar, Northwest sweetgrass (Scirpus americanus) and antique bone or shell buttons.

Lisa Head
This central Pennsylvania basket artist who grew up in Kentucky uses natural materials such as black willow bark, broomsedge, white oak, hickory bark and rye straw to create coiled and plaited baskets. Her work includes plaited rye straw dough rising baskets, storage hampers and bee skeps in the Pennsylvania German tradition and plaited bark baskets from the Appalachian tradition.

Marlien K. Hennen
Marlien gathers her own red cedar bark in summer and three to six months later processes it into strips, a very labor intensive task, creating wall hangings, lamps, hats, container baskets, bags, pots and more. She loves to hike on the beaches and in forests to gather the materials that she incorporates into her weaving. She offers finished baskets, materials including raw and prepared red cedar and workshops.

Dona Look
Birch bark basketmaker from Wisconsin uses white birch bark to create sculptural plaited, paneled and stitched baskets that have a classical, yet contemporary feel. Dona participated in Craft in America (book) and is a featured artist in 500 Baskets.

Polly Adams Sutton
Western redcedar (Thuja plicata) bark are the cornerstone of her sculptural basketry work which is combined with colored copper wire at times. Polly is featured on the cover of 500 Baskets.

Polly Adams Sutton at Fountainhead Gallery
Fiber artist/basketmaker who uses the traditional basketry materials of the Pacific Northwest, cedar bark and sweetgrass in daring new ways to create woven and twined sculptural forms.

Polly Adams Sutton at Jane Sauer's Gallery
Adding wire and metal foils to the traditional cedar bark and sweetgrass basketry materials of the Pacific Northwest, Polly creates contemporary basket sculpture.

Vladimir Yarish
This Russian birch bark basketmaker is profiled on Linda Braun's Baskets, Etc. site. Vladimir specializes in double walled, diagonally plaited baskets. Vladimir co-authored a book with Flo Hoppe and Jim Widess on Russian birch bark basketry titled Plaited Basketry with Birch Bark and now has a website of his own.

Jennifer Heller Zurich
Contemporary basketmaker from Berea, KY uses black willow bark collected near her Kentucky home to weave, plait and twine baskets that evoke tradition while appearing timeless. She exhibits in juried shows nationally and she offers workshops in the materials and techniques she employs.

Focus On Bark
Tim Johnson offers a photo gallery of bark harvesting and processing from workshops held at Focus on Bark, Vissinggaard 2009.

Making a Folded Bark Basket
Ken Peek offers a step-step tutorial on how to make a folded and stitched basket out of poplar bark. Although he used poplar, a number of tree species will work for this purpose, including tulip tree (Liriodendron tulipfera), Ash (Fraxinus sp.), and a number of conifers.

Cedar: Tree of Life To The Northwest Coast Indians
by Hilary Stewart, Bill Reid
Information on gathering, processing and using cedar bark, withes and roots for basketry along with much other cedar lore.

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