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Basketmakers With U V W Last Names

Basketmakers, Basket Artists, Basketweavers and Fiber Artists from around the world with Last names beginning with U, V, W.

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Gayna Uransky
Fiber artist basketmaker from Garberville, CA. Uses organic gathered materials such as driftwood and palm seed strands in her basketry. She is profiled here as a winner of the Silverhawk Fiberarts exhibition.

Jamin Uticone
Traditional basketmaker from Alpine, NY creates black ash back packs, vegetable-tanned bridle leather strapped baskets and a range of storage baskets including replications of Taghkanic swing handled apple baskets.

Mary Vanderhorst
Several members of the Vanderhost family of Mt. Pleasant, SC make coiled Sweetgrass baskets in the lowcountry tradition.

Dawn Walden
Dawn begins each basket using cedar bark, cedar roots and bear grass in a traditional, uniform weaving technique. This orderly structure is only visible from the interior of the basket. The exterior surface is defined by a second weave that is entirely random creating a vessel that is at once based in history and launched into the future.

Lois Walpole
English basketmaker, author and teacher works in willow basketry and sculpture.

Chris Warren
This artist from the Portland, Oregon area uses hand harvested native natural materials including barks, roots, kelp, driftwood and other materials such as day-lilies, crocus, philodenron and grasses to weave, twine and construct her baskets.

Helen Frost Way
Contemporary fiber artist and sculptor from Tucson, AZ whose work evokes the bygone cultures of remote corners of the world in strikingly modern basketry forms.

Charles Weber
Coiled pine needle basketmaker from Ellis Grove, Illinois. His baskets are made with Long Leaf Pine Needles, Black Walnut Slices, Bass Boards and Nylon Threads.

Shannon Weber
This Cottage Grove, Oregon basketmaker's work uses a heavy mixture of found and gathered objects such as Beaver chewed sticks, domestic cast offs, reclaimed metal, sea kelp, rattan, canvas, wax linen, sea grass and sea grass roots encaustic, acrylics, and over dyes. She creates pieces that she describes as primitive forms of weaving tweaked into “new” aboriginal forms for the current millennium.

Deloss Webber
Del derives his knotting techniques from traditional Japanese and Native American basketry, wicker furniture, loom weaving, fly-tying, and nautical knotting. Each stone is selected and wrapped with a unique design made of various materials including bamboo, cane, rattan, and reed. Largely influenced by Japanese Ikebana basketry, Del often incorporates into his designs traditional Japanese knotting techniques such as butterfly knots, insect wrapping, interlocking V knots, and spiral cross knots.

Barbara Covil West
Pine needle basketmaker and instructor from Wilmington, North Carolina. Beware the typical Tripod site pop-up ads that make Barbara's site difficult to view. 

Melinda West
Basket artist from Indianola, WA operates West Gardens Basketry where she is busy growing, gathering and weaving with plant fibers from Washington and the Pacific Northwest.

Sherri West
Sherri of Shorewood, MN is an artist, teacher and advocate for the arts and environment. Her baskets are twined of waxed linen thread. She actively participates in Textile Center of Minnesota events and is a professional member of the National Basketry Organization.

Lawrence Wheeler
Nantucket Lightship basketmaker from Westford, MA. Makes traditional and contemporary baskets of his own design and in the Jose Formoso Reyes style.

Karen Whipple
Using traditional California basket weaving techniques and design, along with local plants such as willow, redbud and sedge root she makes coil baskets and baby Pomo baskets. She is active in the Round Valley, CA area. Her tribal affiliations are Wylacki and Nomalacki. She knows where to harvest plants, how to cure, age and process them, skills taught to her by Elsie Allen.

Sylvia White
Working with industrial materials such as wire, sheet metal, pipe fittings, cans, computer parts, paper and other materials that might otherwise end up in a landfill this basket artist from Port Townsend, WA creates contemporary baskets and other vessels. She offers workshops in the materials and techniques she employs.

Elizabeth Whyte Schulze
This Worthington, MA artist creates contemporary basketry sculpture by coiling natural materials such as pine needles, reed and raffia, into varied shapes. Once each basket is completed she covers the surface with acrylic paint using dots, washes, stylized human figures and marks often inspired by petroglyphs (ancient markings pecked on stone). She exhibits in juried shows nationally and her work is represented in prominent galleries such as Mobilia Gallery, James Gallery and Del Mano Gallery. She teaches workshops and delivers lectures on basketry at locations including Snow Farm, Fuller Craft Museum and Fiber Arts Center.

Peggy Wiedemann
This basket artist from Huntington Beach, CA uses natural fibers and gourds to create coiled sculptural baskets. She personally gathers many of her materials, such as pine needles and palm fibers. To these natural materials, she adds metal, beads and “found” objects to form unique pieces. Using these traditional materials and the classic basketry technique of coiling in unorthodox ways, she creates pieces uniquely hers.
Featured on the Carol Duval show.

Nakia Wigfall
Multigenerational Sweetgrass Basket-maker of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. She is the Executive Director of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina's Sweetgrass Cultural Arts Festival. Her work is profiled in this online video.

Clare Wilks
Willow basketmaker and sculptor living in London, England. Teaches workshops in garden structures and living willow sculpture.

Judy K. Wilson
Designs and markets waxed linen, waxed cotton and bead finished baskets and kits from her home in Canton, GA. Offers coiling and twining basketmaking supplies and classes in twined and coiled waxed linen basketry.

Suzanne Shafer Wilson
This artist from Lostant, IL creates wire needle lace vessels in copper and precious metals using a technique also referred to as knotless netting.

Char Wiss
Contemporary basketmaker who in this instance uses telephone wire as the core of her basket coil instead of a reed or other natural material.

Karen Woods
Basketmaker and teacher from Odessa, FL who combines polymer clay into her bias ply ash or paper baskets. She offers workshops near her home in Florida and around the country at basketry conferences.

Ronna and David Wuttke
Ronna is an accomplished gourd basketmaker, pyrographer and teacher from SC. They travel the gourd show circuit teaching and vending. 

Peggy Wyman
This artist from the Missouri Ozarks uses pine needles and occasionally gourds and antlers to coil non-traditional fiber sculptures.

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