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Basketmakers With R Last Names

Basketmakers, Basket Artists, Basketweavers and Fiber Artists from around the world with Last names beginning with R.

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Ann Coddington Rast
In her work Ann uses twined linen to create a small curious shape which reflects her concern of how the body interacts with the mind. See more of her work here.

Margie Reck
Owner of Red Mountain Basketry in Cameron, MT. Contemporary basket artist who incorporates natural materials into her compositions including naturally shed antlers and driftwood.

Alan S. W. Reed
Nantucket Lightship basketmaker working on the island of Nantucket. Intricately detailed baskets, often with richly scrimshawed ivory by Lee Ann Papale.

Fran Reed (1943-2008)
Basket/vessel maker from Anchorage, Alaska using fishskin and gut. Has done extensive research in those materials as they were/are used by Alaskan Natives. Author of paper: "The Poor Man's Raincoat: Alaskan Fishskin Garments".

Janet B. Reed
Using round reed this native of the state of IL, expresses the potential of the natural corkscrew that the Archimedean curve creates.

Owen Rein
Traditional White oak basketmaker from Mountain View, Arkansas. His site includes a reprint of an article he wrote for Woodwork Magazine that describes in depth the process of selecting a log, reducing it into traditional hand-split oak basketmaking materials and making an oak basket.

Joh Ricci
Artist from New Oxford, PA uses knotting and other textile techniques over carved and sculpted forms with rayon, cotton novelty yarns and artist dyed nylon cords to create one-of-a-kind sculptural baskets.

Rosemary Rideout
Originally from Canada, Rosemary now lives in California. Her baskets, coiled or twined, are  contemporary translations of traditional techniques.

Susan Roberts
Contemporary fiber artist using materials gathered from nature, waxed linen, gem stones and unique embellishments.

Teri Rofkar
Tlingit Indian basketmaker from Sitka, AK. She employs self-harvested natural materials such as cedar bark, pine needles and spruce root from her surroundings in Alaska to create coiled, plaited and twined baskets. 

Ed Rossbach (1914-2002)
Rossbach's innovative baskets are created of nontraditional materials in a unique and fascinating way. 

In Memory: Ed Rossbach (1914-2002)
FiberArts Magazine offers a tribute to the basketmaker, weaver, and textile historian who changed the field of art in the fiber medium through his writing, research and teaching.

Lois Russell
Contemporary basket artist from Somerville, MA creates both functional and sculptural baskets often using waxed linen and coiling technique.

JoAnne Russo
Combining traditional skills with classical forms to create contemporary pieces of art this Saxtons River, VT artist uses black ash to create her baskets with accents of sweetgrass and porcupine quills. Her pieces are mold woven, feature curl embellishment, beading and found object embellishment, double wall construction and stunning coloration. View the artist's work on her own web site as well as 2007 Teapot Invitational, 2007 Connectivity Basketry Invitational from Cervini Haas Gallery.

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