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Basketmakers With J Last Names

Basketmakers, Basket Artists, Basketweavers and Fiber Artists from around the world with Last names beginning with J.

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Mary Jackson
Widely known for her Gullah coiled sweetgrass basketry. Born and raised in Mt. Pleasant, SC. Her award winning basketry is represented in numerous public and private collections.

Ferne Jacobs
Established contemporary fiber artist from Los Angeles, CA. Ferne often evokes the theme of connection in time of women in her work.

Susan Jamart
Contemporary basket artist from Berkeley, CA active in the late 20th century. Used multi colored plaited elements in these pieces, producing unplanned variations in color and mood.

Pat Jeffers
A basketmaker from Wyoming who combines round reed dyed with Procion dyes and natural fibers such as sugar palm, coconut or seagrass cordage and some native materials, such as sagebrush, willow, cottonwood or aspen, and antlers into sculptural forms and vessels.

Wendy G. Jensen
Traditional basketmaker from Great Barrington, MA. Produces high quality traditional and utilitarian baskets from rattan. Offers workshops in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts.

Bessie Johnson
Basketmaker from West Point, MS involved in coiled pine needle, corn shuck and gourd basketry.

Stephen Johnson
The sculptural basket forms of this artist are created with ordinary materials such as raffle tickets held together with standard office staples.

Stephen Johnson at Gallery Materia
Cervini Haas Gallery/Gallery Materia presents a variety of Stephen's baskets in their Scottsdale gallery.

Gerri Johnson-McMillan
Basket artist known for her Fishbone Vessels and Knotted Fiber Sculptures. Albacore pectoral fins (fish bones) and monofilament (fishing line) are used to create woven fishbone vessel forms, waxed linen cord is used for her knotted fiber sculptures and wire and beads for a series of sculptures resembling underwater life forms.

Geraldine Jones
Salt Cellar Basket Workshop in Porthleven, Cornwall offers workshops, living willow sculptures and finished willow baskets.

Arjan Joosten
Willow basketmaker from Holland offers his round baskets for sale. His site also includes photo essays on his efforts to grow his own willow.

Christine Joy
Twisting, undulating sculptural baskets of native twigs such as willow, red osier dogwood, red maple and cottonwood.

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