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Basketmakers With D Last Names

Basketmakers, Basket Artists, Basketweavers and Fiber Artists from around the world with Last names beginning with D.

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Leah Danberg
In the fiber arts, Ms. Danberg makes knotted sculptural forms of waxed linen, often incorporating text in the knotting. In the realm of basketry, she constructs her vessels primarily from the abundant natural plant material including kelp that she collects in Southern California, using a variety of techniques.

Melissa Darden
The granddaughter of renowned Chitimacha basket maker Lydia Darden creates single weave and double weave baskets of split river cane. Her works have been featured in an article in Southwest Art Magazine and a biography is available from the Louisiana Folklife Center. She offers some of her pieces for sale on her personal site

Extensive biographical information about Dat-So-La-Lee who was a famous Washo (or Washoe) Indian woman basketweaver from the late 1800's and early 1900's. From the Nevada Women's History Project.

Michael Davis
Contemporary basket artist from Brasstown, NC working primarily in round reed. Frequently his pieces have painted accents or embellishments.

Nanette Davis
Contemporary basketry artist from Beaverton, OR uses techniques such as diagonal or bias plaiting using shiboried silk bonded to acetate, paper and/or foil to create sculptural vessels.

Marie Billiot Dean
A member of the Houma Indian tribe, Marie is renowned for her skill in weaving palmetto into hats, baskets, mats, fans and whisks.

Barbara Dengler
This basketmaker from Mt. Pleasant, SC. weaves round contemporary vessels in texture and twill, with custom designed slotted wooden rims and bases.  Works with seagrass, cane, raffia, waxed linen and rattan reed.

Peter Dibble
Willow basketmaker from Norwich, England. Trained by his father-in-law Will Berry, a well respected Suffolk, UK basketmaker, now retired.

Ellen Dickinson
This Roselyn Heights, NY artist creates sculptural forms of unbleached linen and cotton cord using a figure eight basketry stitch.

Rob Dobson
Contemporary basket artist who uses found objects
, construction materials and manufacturing components such as wire, nuts, bolts and steel strapping to assemble basket forms. Represented in this instance by American Art Company.

Fran Doonan
Traditional pounded black ash baskets made from log to finished product by Frannie A. Doonan a Maine basketmaker and instructor. Fran makes pack baskets and creels for hiking, canoeing, fishing and camping, brown ash split ash handmade baskets, that are handwoven and made in Maine. She also weaves wood bottom ash baskets, split ash pie baskets, split ash pack baskets, fishing creels, old fashioned split ash baskets and tote baskets.

Suzanne Donazetti
This Carrizozo, NM artist works in plaited metals to create baskets, wall sculptures, and folding screens. She uses copper, metallic leaf, transparent inks and acrylics because of the unique qualities each material brings to the others. 

Patrick Dougherty
Sculptor from Chapel Hill, NC creates freeform site-specific installations by interweaving locally gathered willow and sapling branches.

Jeanne Drevas
This working basketmaker and installation artist from Rappahannock County, VA uses bark sheets and other native natural materials she gathers near her home in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia to create basket forms and full scale sculptural installations. Her work is also represented at Jane Sauer Gallery.

Sharon Dugan
Traditional basketmaker from Sanbornton, NH makes Shaker and traditional black ash baskets with birch (sometimes cherry, oak, or white ash) handles and rims - from the trees.

Wendy Durfey
Studio artist and teacher of contemporary basketry from Ontario, Canada uses archival paper with overlays and embellishments of acrylic paint, silk fiber, copper wire and beads. Some of the techniques she employs include plaiting, silk fusion, knotless netting and looping.

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