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Meet and stay in contact with other basketmakers who share your interests from nearby or around the world. If you would like to add your email address and a short comment about your basketry interest to this list, email your request to me with "add me to your email list" in the subject. In the body of the message include where you are from and a little about your basketry interests. Please be aware that including your contact information on this page may make you subject to receiving SPAM.

  • Ruth Andre - Coiled basketmaker using pine needles and natural materials. Teaches gourd-weaving workshops. Very interested in contemporary basketry.
  • Carol Antrim - Contemporary and traditional basketmaker from East Central Indiana. Member of IBA, AMB and Webmaster for The Virtual Basketmakers Guild.
  • Robyn Awand owner of Robyn's Nest- has been weaving for over 12 years, teaches locally, work displayed at Erpf Center & Greene County Council of the Arts, located in Lanesville, Northern Catskill Mts.
  • James C. Bamba - Weaving since 1997. Plaits coconut leaves, pandanus leaves and twine baskets out of a local vine. Teaches and demonstrates occasionally. 
  • Joni Bamford - Rutland, UK, 100 miles north of London. Basketmaker and teacher for twelve years. Teaches willow, hedgerow, rush, cane, modern 'waste' materials like paper, cardboard, plastic. Member of the Basketmakers' Association. Can offer tuition to basketmakers visiting UK.
  • Kathleen Becker - Atlanta, GA area. Weaving a variety of baskets for over a decade and for the last ten years, has concentrated on crafting Nantucket Baskets & Purses. Collecting baskets in other mediums - baleen, quill, authentic Native American, horsehair, African, beaded, barks, etc. has and will be her (expensive!) passion!
  • Beth Buckley Beltz - Would like to locate basketweavers in Central Mississippi area. Has been weaving for 3 years, all types of baskets. Special interest in Choctaw Indian basketry.
  • Mary Berckley - Armada, MI. Made first basket about five years ago and fell in love. Member of AMB and looking forward to "Convention" in Traverse City this year.
  • Laurie Bowen - Columbia, NJ. Started weaving a few years back, loves baskets and teaching others how to weave for themselves.
  • Jessica Buehlmann - Des Moines, Iowa. Weaving for 7 years, Co-owner of Basket Class in Des Moines. Teaches Adult Education for Des Moines, West Des Moines and Ankeny School districts. Loves to try miniatures and intricate weaves.
  • Norma Buehlmann - Co-owner of Basket Class in Des Moines, Iowa. Teaches a wide variety of styles, but use primarily reed materials. Weaving 7 years and enjoys taking classes.
  • Kelly Burnett - Interested in being notified of classes in basketry that will be offered, particularly in CA, that are one to two days in length.
  • Elisa Kessler Caporale - Summit, NJ. Makes mostly one-of -a kind sculptural wall or free standing pieces. These are made in the ribbed technique with round reed and found objects such as driftwood or wooden kitchen implements. Was an artist in Residence at the Newark Museum in Jan 1998.
  • JoAnn Kelly Catsos - South-west Massachusetts basketmaker and teacher since 1985. Specialty is miniature black ash baskets, woven over wooden molds.
  • Lesley Chaney - High Ridge, MO. Self taught weaver of one year. Stay at home mom of three. Eager to learn new styles and techniques.
  • Linda Clifton - Weaving about 6 years. Member of Central Pennsylvania Basket Weavers Guild. Loves all types of weaving especially doing anything for the first time.
  • Roberta R. (Bert) Comstock - Missouri. Member of the Missouri Basketweavers' Guild and Woven Circle Chapter. She is also active in the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., a non-profit educational organization in which she teaches basket history, basket weaving, natural dyeing, identification and use of wild plants, needle-looping and history of knitting.
  • Deb Conness - Central Illinois. Weaving for 6 years. Teaching how to make baskets for about 4 years. Member of Land Of Lincoln Basket Weavers Guild and The Virtual Basketmakers Guild. Has shop at home.
  • Donna Crispin - Making baskets for 13 years, instructing for 12. Weaves with natural materials, mostly cedar bark. Likes to try new shapes and techniques. Loves the beauty and workmanship of traditional basketry. Enjoys spontaneity and creativity in contemporary basketry.
  • Judith B. Davis - Knoxville, TN. Weaving baskets for more than ten years. Member of the East Tennessee Basket Association, the North Carolina Basket Association and the Foothills Craft Guild.
  • Sherry Dial - Ft. Pierce, FL. Weaving since 1997 after studying at the John C. Campbell Folk School for Traditional Splint Basketry. Weaving, entering craft shows and loving every minute! Member of NCBA and owner of Appalachian Mountain Basketry.
  • Sharon Dickens - Weaving for about three years. Has made close to 150 baskets in that time frame, mostly for the schools in area as gifts for teacher appreciation day. Just started selling baskets but always looking for new patterns and new techniques.
  • Billie Dorris - Virginia Beach, VA. A basketweaver for 15 years concentrating mostly on Nantucket style baskets.
  • Bernadine Dosch - Grayling, MI. Making baskets since 1978. Teaches basketry and is a member of AMB. Interested in both contemporary and traditional styles. Particularly interested in twills.
  • Sandy Drexler - owner of MS Creations been weaving for 6 years. Vendor at basketweaving conventions and has a mail order business.
  • Sharon Dugan - Traditional basketmaker from Sanbornton, NH makes shaker and traditional black ash baskets with birch (sometimes cherry, oak, or white ash) handles and rims - from the trees.
  • Linda Faulkner - Lives in South FL, but grew up in North GA. Weaving and teaching basketry for about 25 years. Enjoys weaving with a variety of materials and weaving any style, especially Nantucket Lightship baskets.
  • Sandra Fisher - Making baskets for about 31/2 years and really loves it. Lives in the Buffalo, NY area. Would like to find a guild to join.
  • Phyllis Fricks - Goldsboro, NC. Member of North Carolina Basketweavers. Making baskets about five years and loves doing all kinds.
  • Barbara Fracassi - Blanchard, MI. Weaving for about 13 years. Flat and round reed. Loves baskets that she can paint on. Would like to start doing shows. Interested in learning new techniques and patterns.
  • Dawn Gabrielli - from Murphy, NC. Making reed baskets for about 13 years and has a home based business.
  • Bonita Gentry - from western Kentucky. Weaving reed and cane baskets since the mid 90's. Gives them to hospice patients and their families. Personal collection of over 100 baskets. Favorite: Nantucket baskets. Loves Cherokee Indian designs and twill.
  • ghcjdc - weaving baskets for 7 years. Lives in LA but formerly from the state of Maine. Would like to hear from other basket weavers or do a basket weavers chat. Hoping to hear from interested basket weavers.
  • Eva Green - Pittsboro, NC. Fourth generation basket weaver and owner of Rabbitpatch Basket Shop. Makes double wall and twill weave baskets.
  • Karen Griffith - Pleasant Lake, IN. Traditional basketweaver and teacher. Operates basket business known as Farmers Wives in Northeast Indiana. Teaches school in her spare time.
  • Debbie Gring - Live in Northwest Ohio. Basketweaving for about 14 years, as a hobby. Member of Virtual Basketweavers Guild, new member of AMB and a member of a new guild forming near here at Sauder Village and Museum in Archibald, Ohio. Have worked mostly with reed, developing an interest in learning to weave with willow.
  • Judy Hadlock - From Clinton, WA on Whidbey Island. Has woven baskets on and off since 1975. Hungry for information on willow culture and basket making.
  • Arlene Haworth - weaving for about 3 years and involved in the White River Guild. This past Summer was an exhibitor at a few craft shows.
  • Nancy Henchell - Auburn, CA. Currently at the cooler, foggier Northern California coast. Interested in Maidu Indian baskets and basket designs.
  • Barbara Holt - Organizer of the Tri-State Basketry Guild with over 50 members from NE Tennessee, SW Virginia and Western NC. Author of several patterns, owner of The Basket's In in Bristol, TN, offering classes, supplies and materials, as well as custom-designed baskets.
  • Carol Hopkins - Central MN. Weaving since 1997 and loving it. Teaching beginners basketry classes and runs workshops for students in grade school enrichment programs.
  • Heather Hughes - Has been weaving for two years now. Learned while stationed in Okinawa. Now stationed on Guam. Only weaver on island using reed. Sold baskets for the first time 6 months ago. Basket addict, cannot stop thinking about them even when at work. Wants to try a ribbed basket.
  • Betty Hunt - From North Canton, Ohio. Has been weaving for 1 1/2 years and enjoys it very much.
  • Debbie King - Making baskets from reed, maple, ash for two years and loves it. Member of Cape Fear Basket Makers Guild from Fayetteville, NC.
  • Kim Kingsbury - Sea Breeze Bending of Panama City, FL offers steamed and hand-bent 'D' basket handles of red oak and tulip in a full range of sizes.
  • Eileen LaPorte - Making baskets for many years, loves doing twill patterns and uses reed. Former president of the Association of Michigan Basketmakers. Has traveled to England & Germany twice to visit basketmakers. Traveled to the Basket Gathering in Australia in 1999 with 3 other basketmakers.
  • Kaye Lervick - Weaving for a number of years, started in AK with Haida cedar and spruce root baskets. Retired to WA and now does Columbia Basin full turned work as well as some Japanese reed work and contemporary work in Mizuhiki.
  • Lyn Levan - Central PA. Weaving for 10+ years, teaching and selling for 6 years. Member of Central Pennsylvania Basket Weavers Guild. Primary material is reed. Loves to try new and decorative weaves. Considering starting a home-based business.
  • Caroll Grant-Loomis - Lives on the central Oregon coast. An instructor who gathers as well as teaches. Likes to coil using traditional materials and likes free form style weaving using found and recycled wire in a variety of types.
  • Tina Lutke - New to basketweaving. Eager to learn more. Would like to chat with other basketmakers. Needs tips, information and best place to purchase materials to keep weaving.
  • Chrys Lunsford - Northeastern Washington. Owns and operates MoonWeaver Basketry a home based business. Uses natural materials gathered in her area including birch bark.
  • Mary - Historical interpreter at a local museum. Got interested in basket making at work. Teaches basket classes at work and is a member of the Tri State Basketry Guild in Blountville Tenn. Interested in chatting with fellow basket makers.
  • Arlene McGowan - Northeast Alabama. Has been weaving for about 3 years in reed. She would like to meet other weavers in her area. Also, interested in learning how to make egg baskets.
  • Shari McMahon - Originally from NJ, has lived on the MS Gulf coast for 15 years now. Weaving baskets for over 15 years now. Started with the traditional styles, but works mostly with wisteria, grapevine and honeysuckle in combination with reed, ash, etc. now. Also working with nontraditional materials like wire, plastic, monofilament, painted cardstock. Would love to meet other Southern basketmakers and would really like to know of any guilds I could join.
  • Anette Meier - Long Island, N.Y. A contemporary basket maker of 10 years. Owns All Hand Made Baskets specializing in Nantucket, Shaker and Country Baskets. Member of the Long Island Basketmakers Guild, Basketweavers of Eastern Long Island and the North Carolina Basketmakers Association.
  • Miami Valley Basket Supply - offers veneer basket weaving material in a variety of species and sizes.
  • Shelley Mierle - Muskoka, Ontario (Town of Bracebridge). Hobby basketmaker, does willow, black ash, Nantuckets. Loves to go collecting in the woods. Interested in meeting other basketmakers with similar interests.
  • Carolyn Miller - Bay City, MI. Making baskets for 6 yrs. Started business friendship baskets in 1994, doing home shows and arts-n-craft shows. A member of AMB and can't wait for convention.
  • Marilyn Miller - Douglas, GA. Looking to connect with other basketmakers in Georgia. She is principally weaving Nantuckets, experimenting with a contemporary style of waxed linen and color incorporation and creating some original Nantucket style mold basketry. Also weaves in ash and pine needle coiling.
  • Linda Mitchusson - Cincinnati, OH. Basketweaver for almost 11 years. Likes making all types of baskets. Member of OVBG & IBA. Enjoys weaving & teaching during the summer months when on vacation.
  • Donele M. Monte - Somerset, MA. Owner of DreamWeaver. Weaving for 12+ years. Teacher of Nantuckets, traditional reed and Antler Ribwork. Travels throughout N.E. work at artisan shows and teaching day and weekend workshops. Collector of all types of basketry.
  • Charlene Neeley - Learned seat weaving from her great grandfather. Teaches seatweaving and basketweaving in the Cambridge and Shelburne, MA area. Repairs antique chairs and sells baskets and chairs at craft shows.
  • Anna Nemeth -Yakima, WA. Basketweaver since 1992, primarily reed baskets. Has taught a few classes (including her resource room students!) Would like to learn more about using more natural materials in basketweaving. Interested in tips, ideas, suggestions for selling baskets at craft shows and local businesses. Moving to Monterey, CA in June 2001 and would like to make contact with basketweavers in that area.
  • Daniel J. Nye - Makes black ash baskets during the winter season. Current interest is in the development of style for medium to large pack baskets. Also, makes small storage and fancy baskets. Gathers and processes his own splint and would consider supplying to folks who might have difficulty getting their own. Located in the U.P. of Michigan.
  • Janie Paulin - Weaving for about 20 years. Does all types of baskets and enjoys doing gourd vessels and antler baskets. Her work is available through East Ludington Gallery and also at art shows & festivals.
  • Naomi Paquette - Started weaving about 10 years ago, President of Natures Coast Basket Guild, member of Tampa Bay Basket Guild, teaches classes at Tampa Bay Golf and Country Club. Loves Nantucket's, shakers and latest love willow baskets. Travels to the Northeast in the summer MA, Maine, New Hampshire.
  • Phyllis Scarbrough - Raindance Baskets - Southwest Wisconsin - Basket maker and Instructor of Basketry since the late 1980's. Has produced over 2,000 baskets and instructed over 1,000 students from the West coast to the Mid-West. Instructs beginners to advanced weaving, mostly splint woven structural baskets with reed from rattan.
  • Debra Perry-Scott - Walden, New York. Wove first basket almost 13 years ago and now exhibits, sells and teaches classes in all styles and levels of basketry. Personal favorite style is rib basketry, but enjoys them all and loves teaching best.
  • Cathryn Peters - Angora, Minnesota. Antler basketmaker, teacher and pattern author since 1990 has also been in the weaving business since 1975 with chair caning and wicker repair.
  • Rowena Philbeck - Gourd Artist loves adding natural materials to her containers. Uses SugarPalm, reed, seagrass. Anything natural. Also likes making gourd embellishments for her containers from scraps of gourds. Has a Gourd Shop at her home in Bryan, Texas.
  • Tina Ramthun - Montague, MI. - Started weaving about 4 years ago, it felt like what she was put on earth to do. Enjoys using antlers in her basketry and is looking for a way to drill stone without breaking the stone.
  • Margie Reck - Owner of Red Mountain Basketry in Cameron, MT. Her work features coiled, decorated gourds, antler ribbed work, a variety of native materials and round reed.
  • Angie Rhodus - New Paris, OH. - Weaving about 7 years. Member of IBA. Teaches classes and sells at craft shows. Recently opened a store selling finished baskets and weaving materials. Loves talking to and learning from other weavers.
  • Suzi O'Brien Rodgers - West Bath, ME. - Would love to have someone to weave with occasionally. Owner of Salt Air Artisans.
  • Joni-Dee Ross - Weaving since 1989. Now a teacher, weaver and basket lover. Started the Delaware Basketmakers Association, but now lives in North Carolina.
  • Valerie Rowland - self taught basketmaker from Western Kentucky. Would like to connect with local weavers.
  • Phyllis Scarbrough - Raindance Baskets - SW WI - Basket Maker & Instructor since 1988. Experience: Custom baskets, shows & galleries, Museum weaver (living history), basket repair, group speaker, instructor (all levels, over 1,000 instructed), wide range of styles, mainly splint with rattan reed. Simple country, shaker, antler to advanced twills, nation wide. Live and breathe the Art of Basketry.
  • Judy Shaw - Del Mar, CA. Making Pine Needle Baskets since 1978. Enjoys doing miniatures, gourd, ribbed & reed baskets. Presently the president of the Misti Washington Gourd & basketry Guild in San Diego, CA.
  • Nancy Schneider - Michigan. Loves to make all types of baskets. She is selling her work at craft shows and would love to make baskets as a full time job.
  • Maggie Silva - Basket weaver for almost 20 years; Teacher--reed and Nantucket styles; lecturer; collector--over 400 Northeast Woodlands Indian baskets. Studio is in Raynham, MA.
  • Sarajane Snyder - basketmaker from Nekoosa, WI. Weaving since the early 1990's, Sarajane teaches workshops for both children and adults in central Wisconsin. She is working to establish willow beds on her property so she can provide her own materials. She would love to correspond with other weavers in the area.
  • Arthur and Marie Smith - Washington County, ME. Make brown ash and sweetgrass fancy baskets, as well as packbaskets and fishing creels. Have been making baskets for about 28 years.
  • Bill & Mary Ann Smith - White oak basketmakers from Alabama working in traditional split oak. They also do some work with hickory and poplar bark. They are the resident basketmakers at Tannehill Historical State Park in Alabama and also teach at John Campbell Folk School in the N.C. mountains.
  • Nadine Spier - Olivenhain, CA. This basket artist creates spectacular, contemporary pine needle vessels. Her artwork is frequently sculptural and incorporates a variety of natural materials.
  • Patricia Storr - Pine needle basket maker, stay at home mother of 2, would like to meet other people who coil in the Portland, Oregon area.
  • Myra Stutler - North Street, MI - Northwest of Port Huron, MI in Michigan's Thumb. Loves to weave country baskets.
  • Angie Sully - Lives in Trafalgar, Indiana and would love to hear from new basket friends.
  • Werner Turtschi - Swiss born traditional willow basketmaker and touring teacher.
  • Marilyn Thompson - from Central IN. Weaving for nearly 10 years with R/R and flat reed, Ash, antler baskets and Nantucket baskets. Restores antiques chairs with seat weaving. A 4-H leader in teaching basketry.
  • Pam and Tom Thompson - White Oak Splint basketmakers for 18 years full time. Known for quality and creative styles in the use of White Oak. Teachers in white oak basketry for 16 years, teaching both one day and week long workshops. Located in the Northwest Panhandle of Florida at Paxton, FL.
  • Mary Thomason - Twinfalls, ID. Makes baskets and earrings of Idaho pine needles. Proprietor of 2T Gifts and Sewing.
  • Fred Tomah - Northern Maine. Ash basketmaker for 35 or so years. Interested in wholesale of his work. Makes over 12 styles of baskets and currently is developing a picture catalog of his work for those interested. Native American "Maliseet Indian" who learned basketry from family elders who learned it from their elders. Any basketmaker interested in his work can Email for pictures. He obtains wood himself and often supplies helpful hints on dealing with the wood.
  • Susan Tripp - Freeville, NY. Owner of Baskets by Susan.
  • Terri Trogdon - Fayetteville, NC. Weaving for nearly two years. Taking classes at a local college and having a great time doing it.
  • Melissa Varteressian - Former owner of  East Troy Basketry in East Troy, WI is now living in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada and is the owner of Grand River Basketry Company. She has been teaching naturals and contemporary baskets for many years and is interested in teaching in Canada, especially in the Toronto area.
  • Eddy Vos and Gilberte Feytons - Traditional willow basketmakers in the open air folkmuseum at Bokrijk Genk in Belgium, Europe. 
  • Nora Voss - Woodland Park, CO. Weaving 3 years using mostly wicker. When living in Florida also reaped a harvest of materials from back yard. Teaching small classes at the local senior center and has a booth at a local craft shop.
  • Susan Apperson-Waite - weaver from Paris, Tennessee and maker of oak, reed, and pine needle baskets. Also loves doing chair caning and antique restoration. Interested in finding others in Tennessee who share this passion.
  • Colleen Webber - Co-owner of Dream Weavers in Garland, ME. Teaches basketry through Adult Education at local area schools and at the shop. Has been weaving 9+ years. Primary material is reed.
  • Karen Wheeler - Made her first basket in 1987 and was hooked on baskets from that point on. She now has her own full-time basketry business which she operates from her home studio in Columbus, OH.
  • Linda White - West Baldwin, ME. Black Ash basket maker (although in Maine Black Ash is referred to as Brown Ash) and have been making baskets for four years. Regularly demonstrates the craft of basket making from tree to basket. Hand pounds wood and prepares own materials...This year will be included in the Early American Magazine's list of Traditional Craftsmen.
  • Gail Williams - Brenham, Texas. Has been out of the hobby for a few years and is looking for nearby sources. Likes to experiment and do things free hand or change a pattern along the way.
  • Rachel Wolters - From just outside of Dresden, OH. Loves baskets, antiques, quilts and grandkids. She and her husband have a rubber stamp business named Basket-A-Stamps specializing in basket related rubber stamp designs, both pictures and sayings.
  • Arlene Zaloznik - El Paso TX. Traditional basket maker for about 4 1/2 years. Teaches at local craft centers. Avid weaver - looking to being a full time weaver.
  • Pamela Zimmerman - Lives in Washington, NC. Has been coiling pine needle baskets for about a year. Would really like to correspond with other coilers, to share tips and techniques.
  • Bonnie Zirkle - Antler Basketmaker and Bed and Breakfast owner from Palmer, AK. Her web site features both her B&B and her baskets.

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