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Art Basketmakers And Fiber Artists

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Jennifer Maestre
Maker of contemporary vessels constructed of "pointy things" like sharpened colored pencils and nails. She uses a peyote stitch to assemble the sculptures.

Connie and Tom McColley
White oak and other hardwoods are incorporated with turned wood using traditional technique in remarkable contemporary basket forms by this husband and wife team from Chloe, WV.
Tom and Connie have moved away from basketmaking, but deserve to be recognized for the contribution they have made to the field of American basketry.

Arlene McGonagle
This contemporary basket artist from Swansea, MA is profiled in the January 2003 issue of FiberArts Magazine. Her work frequently features linen wrapped wire mesh hardware cloth and paper. Hand written lines of verse and metaphor all figure into her expressive vessels.

Dorothy McGuinness
Contemporary basketmaker from Everett, WA who employs painted watercolor paper to create sculptural baskets woven in diagonal twills. She paints the paper beforehand with a variety of acrylic paints and uses a pasta cutter to cut the paper into narrow 3mm wide strips. She exhibits widely and her work is available in the Gallery shops of the Bellevue Art Museum in Bellevue, Washington and the Museum of Contemporary Craft in Portland, Oregon.

John McQueen
Contemporary artist well known for the use of natural, hand gathered materials in his fiber art. Occurrence 1998 is included in Limb to Limb. At Duane-Reed. At Perimeter Gallery.

Doris Messick
Contemporary basketmaker, teacher and writer from the Eastern Shore of Maryland. She specializes in the use of natural materials, which she grows or gathers from the wild.

Sally Metcalf
Winner of the 2001 NICHE Award and represented by American Art Company. Sally weaves stunning vessels and baskets of barks and other native natural materials which combine with twined waxed linen and are folded or fabricated with copper pins.

Cynthia Minden
Teacher and exhibiting fiber art basketmaker from Denman Island, British Columbia in Canada. Her work frequently features figurative forms abstracted from the human figure.

Norma Minkowitz
This fiber artist from Westport, CT is known for her crocheted open forms, stiffened into hard but transparent forms making statements about containment. browngrotta facebook

Marilyn Moore
Known to many because of her active conference teaching schedule this Seattle, WA fiber artist works in coiled pine needle as well as twined wire with bead embellishment.

Merrill Morrison
Working with waxed linen and beads in a knotted technique that has been revived by contemporary basketmakers and is also used to create fiber sculpture. She uses a half-hitch knot, working in waxed linen over a waxed linen core and most often over a sculpted form, carved from Styrofoam. You will find this artist's work displayed in juried exhibitions and galleries such as Mobilia in Cambridge, Massachusetts or del Mano in West Los Angeles, California. Merrill on Facebook.

Zoe Morrow
This contemporary basketmaker uses shredded money to plait her baskets.

Judy Mulford
selection of Judy's knotted and looped waxed linen and gourd pieces. Judy's work reflects heavily on the theme of family. Nana Doll 1998. Books by Judy Mulford including Judy's classic coiled pine needle basketry book. Basic Pine Needle Basketry

Judy Mulford
Seasons of Our Lives is typical of Judy's vessels. Waxed linen over gourd in knotted and netted technique express a family theme. She is represented in this instance by American Art Company of Tacoma, WA.

Debora Muhl
Basket artist from Spinnerstown, PA. Specializes in sculptural coiled baskets of natural materials including sweetgrass.

Leon Niehues
Focusing on form using White Oak, this craft artist from Huntsville, Arkansas reinterprets classical and traditional shapes and technique in contemporary basket art. His work is included in the White House Collection of American Crafts.

David Nittmann
Woodworker from Boulder, CO who makes "basket illusions" using wood turning. His pieces use non-figured wood that is turned, burned and colored to create the illusion of a woven basket form. 

Francina and Neil Prince
Coiled Art Vessels of native materials, primarily the rare Torrey Pine. Baskets as a metaphor for discipline and order in chaotic times.

Fran Reed  (1943-2008)
Basket/vessel maker from Anchorage, Alaska using fish skin and gut. Has done extensive research in those materials as they were/are used by Alaskan Natives. Author of paper: "The Poor Man's Raincoat: Alaskan Fishskin Garments".

Joh Ricci
Artist from New Oxford, PA uses knotting and other textile techniques over carved and sculpted forms with rayon, cotton novelty yarns and artist dyed nylon cords to create one-of-a-kind sculptural baskets.

Susan Roberts
Contemporary fiber artist using materials gathered from nature, waxed linen, gem stones and unique embellishments.

Ed Rossbach
Charles Edmund Rossbach's baskets were created of nontraditional materials in a unique and fascinating way. He was widely acclaimed in the field of fiber. The basketry world lost an innovator when he died October 7, 2002.

JoAnne Russo
Combining traditional skills with classical forms to create contemporary pieces of art this Saxtons River, VT artist uses black ash to create her baskets.

JoAnne Russo
Saxtons River, VT basket artist working in hand pounded black ash woodsplint, with accents of sweetgrass and porcupine quills. Her pieces are mold woven, feature curl embellishment, double wall construction and stunning coloration.

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