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Site Features

Chat Room
Join other basketmakers for an informal chat. The chat room is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Several scheduled chats are held each week.
  Basketry Events
Listings for a variety of basketmaking chats, conferences, exhibits, retreats, guild events and workshops.
Spoke 'n Weaver Newsletter
Keep track of what is happening in the world of basketry and on the BasketMakers site. Earlier editions can be found in this archive.
  Table of Contents
An extensive listing of the pages on the BasketMakers site  with a little something for everyone.
BasketMakers Discussions Forum
Click here for Guest Access if you just want to look around. Registration required for posted. Not Registered? Register for FREE!
  Basketry Publications
Information about Basketry books, authors, videos, newsletters, pamphlets, written materials and other publications of interest to basketmakers.
Free Basket Pattern Resources
Free basketry projects, free basketweaving patterns and other freebies of interest to basketmakers such as free catalogs and free samples.
  Link Library
Listings for a full range of basketry topics, both on the BasketMakers site and off. Find all sorts of resources for supplies, suppliers, makers and more.
Just For Fun
Free online games like tic-tac-toe, jigsaw puzzles, word search puzzles, printable coloring pages and more, all with a basketweaving theme.
  Free Basketry Projects and Patterns
Free Basketry projects and patterns on the BasketMakers site. Baskets, ornaments, jewelry, printable projects like gift tags, placecards and stationery.
Basketry Graphics Resources, some free to use
Arts & Crafts clip art, web page sets, welcome signs, buttons, bars, dingbats, web page sets, border and tiled backgrounds, photographs, postcards and other basket hobby images.
  Connect To Basketmakers Worldwide
Individual basketmakers from around the world, listed alphabetically by last name. Directories of artists by specialty. Email listing of basketweavers who would love contact with others interested in basketry.

Basketry Organized By Material Type

Antler Basketry
Examples of antler baskets, the basketmakers who weave them and the supplies to make your own.
  Baleen Basketry
Baskets made with the material baleen, the fibrous straining plates of the whale.
Bamboo Basketry
Bamboo basketry background, basketmakers, history, supplies, basketry techniques and baskets.
  Birch Bark Basketry
Baskets made of plaited, folded and stitched birch bark.
Black Ash Basketry
Baskets made using the woodsplint pounded from the Black Ash tree (Fraxinus nigra).
  Cedar Basketry
Background, history, supplies, basketmakers, basketry techniques and baskets made of cedar.
Gourd Basketry
Gourd basketry guilds, artists, associations, tips, tutorials, projects, techniques and supplies.
  Horsehair Basketry
Coiled and woven horsehair baskets, the artists who create them and the supplies to create your own.
Pine Needle Basketry
Background, history, supplies, basketmakers, basketry techniques and baskets made of pine needles.
  Willow Basketry
Wide selection of willow basketry resources including supplies, books, techniques, projects, tutorials and connections to willow basketmakers.
White Oak Basketry
Baskets and basketmakers who use the splints of the white oak tree to weave.

Basketry Organized By Technique

Chair Seating and Caning
Chair Seating and caning resources such as natural cane, plastic cane, fibre rush, Danish Cord, Sea Grass, Natural Rush (cattail), pre-twisted natural rush, flat reed and ash splints, round reed for wicker repair, Shaker tape, webbing, tools and accessories. Kits, books, videos and classes.
  Coiled Baskets
Coiled baskets in full size and miniature, including imbricated, Native American, O'odham man-in-the-maze pattern, coiled willow, cattail, sweetgrass, palm, willow, sedge, pine needle, cedar bark, brush sumac, some embellished with feathers, beads and shells.
Knotted Baskets
Knotted baskets, sculptural art vessels and contemporary sculptural baskets, many of waxed linen thread.
  Paneled Folded Stitched Baskets
Basketry made from folded bark or paper that are paneled and stitched or sewn using conifer roots or thread.
Plaited Baskets
Diagonally plaited, woven twill, shredded money, birch, cedar bark, contemporary basketry vessels, all done with a plaiting technique.
  Quilled Baskets
Examples of Birch Bark double walled boxes stitched with spruce root and decorated with Porcupine quills in natural and dyed colors.
Twined Baskets
Twining is the technique of weaving that uses two elements of weaver at the same time. One element goes behind the spoke, the other in front of it, with a twist in between.
  Wicker Basketry and Wickerwork Furniture
Wicker basketry, wickerwork furniture, antique rockers, chair restorations, baby bassinets, cradles, children's, buggies, Victorian wicker doll carriages, furniture for the American Girl Dolls, supplies for wickerwork and much more.

Features, Tips, Tutorials & Resources

Tips For Documenting Your Baskets
BasketMakers readers share their favorite ideas for documenting the creation and tracking the sales of their baskets.
  Searching For Hard To Find Basket Publications
Online book search utilities and other strategies for locating that basketry book that you may have thought you would never find.
Tips For Signing Your Baskets
Whether you market your baskets, or give them as gifts to family and friends, you should sign them. It is a good way to allow the basket to be identified in years to come.
  Baskets For The Holidays
Decorating ideas, puzzles, games, coloring pages, printable crafts projects, clip art graphics, BasketCards, free basket patterns for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Halloween and other holidays.
Basket Construction Methods
Basket construction methods are variations or elaborations of four basic methods - coiling, twining, weaving and plaiting.
  Anatomy Of A Basket Handle
Explanation of the various parts of a basket handle and instructions on how to lay out the handle blank for carving.
Basketry Techniques: Learn How To Twine
Instructions on incorporating twining into your basketry.
  How To Make Basket Dye From Walnut Hulls
A simple How to on making black walnut hull basket dye.
Assemble A Beginners Basketry Tool Kit
Assembling the tools you need to get started in basketry yourself or to make a gift basket for a beginning basketmaker couldn't be easier.
  Harvest Spruce Roots
Spend a lazy afternoon gathering spruce roots to use in your baskets. This feature article offers instruction on harvesting spruce roots.
Basketry Tips From Readers Of BasketMakers
Do you have a basketweaving tip to share with other readers? If you do, send it in an email with "Basketry Reader's Tip" in the subject.
  Harvest Red Osier Dogwood For Basketmaking
A simple Arts and Crafts How to on harvesting red osier dogwood branches for basket weaving or other hobby.
How To Pound A Black Ash Log Into Woodsplints
A simple How to on pounding a black ash log into woodsplints. Follow these instructions to learn how to identify, harvest and pound a black ash log into woodsplint for basketmaking.
  Knotless Netting Stitches
Knotless netting a textile stitching technique that forms a mesh without any knots. Learn several stitch variations with these instructions. Includes several helpful illustrations.
Lay Out An Eight Spoke Spider Woven Base
Use these instructions for laying out the base of an eight spoke spider woven round basket in a sequence that will lock in each spoke as you do your first round of weaving.
  Make A Round Work Base Or Table Mat
Pattern that first appeared in George Wharton James' classic book from the turn of the century, Practical Basket Making. It can be used by itself or the technique can be used to make a round basket base for many other round work basketry styles.
Make Cordage To Use In Your Basketry
Instruction and resources to make cordage from plant fibers for your baskets.
  Plant A Willow Bed
A simple How to on planting willow for basketry that will help you learn to grow your own willow plants.



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