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Daily Crafting Deals


Design products like t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, mugs and mouse pads with your baskets on them. Copyright  Susi Nuss



A Note About Reader Email:

Please read this entire page before attempting to contact me.

I welcome email with questions or comments about basketry. I try to read all my email and I enjoy hearing from visitors to my site, but I can't always answer every message due to the sheer volume. I attempt to answer questions that are posed by readers on the site itself and regularly use the contents of reader mail to stimulate ideas for new pages. Please understand that I'm simply one individual, freelance writer, writing for a mass audience and without charge to that audience. 

Thanks for understanding that I simply do not have the resources to respond to the huge amount of requests I receive and I can't always provide personal service in response to your questions. Your best bet is to post your question to the forum. I routinely monitor for questions and there are many knowledgeable readers willing to help out as well. It has recently become necessary to add numerous stipulations to my response policies. Please accept my apologies in advance for what must seem to be extreme measures.

A Note About Link Requests:

My goal is, over time, to develop the Web's most comprehensive informational site covering native natural materials basketry. To that end, I am constantly on the lookout for Web sites that would be of interest to my visitors to add to the over twenty thousand basketry links I presently maintain.

Please do not request a link unless you have thoroughly explored BasketMakers and are sure that your site "fits." The focus of the site is individually hand-woven baskets and the individual basketmakers who create them

Also, please be aware that it may be several months before I can address your request. Priority consideration will be given to those partner sites that are advertisers and have sites of direct interest to BasketMakers' readers. You may visit this page for more information about link requests. Over the next several months I will be reviewing the existing links to commercial sites. Those sites that have multiple listings may be subject to a reduction of the links to their site, in accordance with the posted linking policy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. I am just getting started in basketry, where do you suggest I begin?
A. My first suggestion would be to locate a basketry guild near you. They generally offer information about local resources, instruction and support to their members. Membership costs are modest and meeting others near you who are interested in basketry can help get you started. You might also like to visit some of the Web sites of the suppliers of basketweaving materials. They all offer mail-order of supplies. Some offer online ordering. Kits are a good way to get started in basketry or to extend your skills into a new category.

There are many good basic basketry instructional books. If you don't want to purchase them right away, I would suggest you request them through inter-library loan at your local library, so that you can check them out before you buy.

I have prepared a special subject page for beginners. You may want to start your journey there.

Q. Where can I find free basket patterns?
A. I have done two feature articles to help you answer the question "Where can I find free basket patterns on the Web?" a while back. In addition, there are patterns among the feature articles on this site. A collection of free basket patterns, in a range of categories can be found here. Basket patterns available for sale are listed on the pattern suppliers page.

Q. I don't have a web site of my own, can you tell me how to set one up so I can feature my basketry?
A. If you would like to develop a web page of your own, you will find good tips on several of the sites on the web.

Q. Can you put me in touch with business contacts that would help me market my wholesale line of finished baskets?
A. No, I am sorry, I can not. The focus of the site is individually hand-woven baskets and the basketmakers who create them. I do not buy wholesale quantities of finished baskets and I don't know anyone who does. It has become necessary to dispose of any such requests without response.

Q. Can you send me your catalog?
A. No, I am sorry, I can not. This site provides web guidance, community and instruction for the topic of basketry. It does not sell products directly. If you would like a catalog from suppliers mentioned, please contact them directly. I will dispose of all requests for my catalog, because I don't offer one. I do participate in several affiliate programs. In cases where I link directly to products that I have selected because of their interest to basketmakers, all orders are fulfilled by the sites I link to, not by me.

Q. What's the best way to suggest a site?
A. Instructions for submitting a link to be considered for a listing can be found here.

Q. Can you identify this basket for me, estimate a value and help me locate a buyer for it?
A. I would be happy to consider researching your request for a small fee. Research can be done for a low $30.00 per hour fee.

Q. I am working for a publishing or media company. Can you offer me your expertise on a project we are currently developing?
A. I would be happy to consider researching your request for a small fee. Research and referrals can be done for a low $30.00 per hour fee which can be prorated if the request is simple and requires less than an hour to complete.

Use the site search engine

If you are looking for information and are inclined to write me with a request, please take the time to use the search engine on BasketMakers to see if the answer you need is already available on the site.

Post to the BasketMakers Forum

I check the BasketMakers Discussions Forum regularly. Post your questions or comments there and you'll get input from a variety of voices. By submitting your question by email to me individually, you are missing out on a great resource: our community. We have participants who are basketmakers, shop owners, teachers, collectors and other experts, who can also help with their information, suggestions and experiences. By posting to the forum, everyone can either respond and/or benefit from the responses. You will need to sign-up to post to the forum, but you can enter as a guest to read all messages at any time.

Email Your Editor

I am a real person. If you have read and followed the instructions above you may contact me. It would be very helpful if you include a subject line that mentions baskets or basketry. I use mail filters to screen out SPAM in an attempt to manage the sheer volume of mail I receive. I routinely receive hundreds of messages each day. The mention of basketry in the subject line will help me identify reader mail and avoid the possibility of your message being sorted out as junk mail. Failing to put mention of baskets or basketry in the subject line increases the chances that your message will be disposed of before it is even read. I know this seems harsh, but I am simply trying to be realistic.

If you ever need to send me an attachment such as an image file, it is necessary to write in advance to let me know of your intentions. I do not open messages with attached files unless I have specifically requested them because of the risk of contracting a computer virus. Again, it has regrettably become necessary to dispose of such messages if guidelines have not been followed.


Having my responses to reader mail rejected by ISP mail server filtering has become an increasing problem. If you send me email and expect me to provide a response, you MUST be certain that the exact address you sent your message to or better yet the entire domain is added to your accepted senders list in advance. If my mail is blocked by your ISP, I will have no way to answer your request. I will no longer use my personal email address to send second attempts to individuals whose ISP's block my mail. If you are expecting a response from me and have not gotten one, this is likely to be the cause.

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